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Preachers give word of God

By Keith Gawronski
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 3, 2000
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To the editor,

If I may play the devil's advocate for a moment, I disagree with Zack Armstrong's well-written commentary, "Masturbators and Fornicators."

These preachers do indeed reach people, they are not just stroking their egos and forcing others to prove them wrong. In fact, there are students on campus who hold beliefs just as strong and are inspired by the fierce words they hear spewing forth from those sanctified mouths like so much whirlwind and gnashing of teeth. These zealous students could someday become preachers themselves. They may make it all the way to the big time, and get their own televangelism gig, which is where every preacher in the speaker's corner probably wants to be. If you look at the whole thing as a performance, with the goal of reproducing itself after it is performed, then it makes more sense. This is the word of God, after all. If they can scream it loud enough that one soul takes up her own microphone and does the same, then the preachers have accomplished their goal. Or at least that may be a better explanation than imagining that they actually want people to disagree with them and examine their own beliefs.

On the other hand, the cons really outweigh the pros on this one, so I don't envy them their job at all.

Keith Gawronski

Anthropology senior

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