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Sorority has forgotten its women

By Jennifer Graves
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 4, 2000
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To the editor,

I am writing in response to Lauren McInerney's letter in the 2/2/00 edition of the Daily Wildcat. It was obvious to me that Ms. McInerney did not do her research into the Alpha Chi Omega situation before writing her letter. I ask all the women of the Greek community to take a moment and imagine the semester that you joined your chapters filled with women that would become a part of your hearts forever. Imagine that you were told that your chapter was in financial crisis but that your National Organization would extend unfailing support. Imagine that your chapter was in membership trouble and your National Organization asked you to give 110% of yourself and they would match it. Now imagine that you gave that 110% and your National Organization turned their backs on you. Imagine they said you had no other option but to leave because they had failed to live up to their end of the bargain. Feeling forced out, you leave because you no longer trust the women who swore to protect you.

That is exactly what happened at Alpha Chi Omega. The issue has escalated beyond financial problems and misconduct. It has come down to the idea of human decency. The National Organization of Alpha Chi Omega mistreated all of its members by lying to them and giving them false hope, then discarding them as if they didn't exist. It is not in dispute that Alpha Chi Omega is progressing now. However, the Wildcat quoted Joy Marshall as saying, "We are starting over. We are moving forward and not looking to the past." In that statement, the women who fought for the chapter are forgotten. We became the scapegoats for their mistakes, and I challenge the National Organization to live up to the standards of Alpha Chi Omega and show a little honesty and integrity.

The reason that the Greek community does not know the truth about what really happened to the former members is two fold:

1. The National Organization doesn't want you to know, and

2. The Greek Community doesn't want to hear the truth.

So, until the Greek Community, being the wonderful place that it is, seeks out the truth, the Alpha Chi organization will continue to paint a pretty picture for the ignorant members of the Greek community, like Lauren McInerney, who doesn't know any better.

Jennifer Graves

Regional development senior

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