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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 4, 2000
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University police arrested a man Wednesday who admitted to washing his penis in a sink in a bathroom of a UA building, police reports stated.

An employee at the James E. Rogers College of Law building, 1201 E. University Blvd., called UAPD after he saw John Hayes, 55, of the 3900 block of North Columbus Boulevard, in a bathroom at about 7 p.m. standing in front of a sink with his pants down, reports stated.

The officer asked the employee if he saw Hayes's penis, and he said he did and that Hayes had been warned in the past for bathing himself in the bathroom, reports stated.

Police contacted the director of the library at the College of Law and the director confirmed that about two weeks ago, the same type of situation arose with Hayes in a bathroom.

The officer asked the director to check the library to see if Hayes was there, and the director said he was.

Police went to the building to speak with Hayes and found him at a table in the library.

Hayes told police he was using the restroom and when he finished urinating, he washed his hands and splashed water on his "parts" to clean them, reports stated.

The officer asked him if his "parts" were his penis, and Hayes said yes, reports stated.

Hayes was cited on suspicion of third degree criminal trespass and transported to Pima County Jail where pre-trial services approved his release.

Hayes refused to sign the release agreement, however, and was booked.

Two UA students contacted UAPD Wednesday after one of them woke up early and found a man in their room, reports stated.

The woman who woke up said her roommate went to bed in their room at Kaibab Residence Hall, 940 E. Fourth St., at about 10 p.m. Tuesday and she went to bed at about midnight.

She said she woke up at about 5 a.m. and saw a man sitting in her desk chair, reports stated.

The man was making sounds as if he was masturbating, the woman said, and his arms were moving around, reports stated.

She said she then heard someone whisper her name, reports stated.

According to reports, her roommate was sleeping the entire time and said she did not whisper the woman's name.

The woman said it was dark in the room, and she couldn't identify the man though she thought he might live in the Huachuca wing of the residence hall, reports stated.

She got up at 5:30 a.m. and ran to a resident assistant's room, and when they returned to her room, the man was gone.

During the interview with the women, one woman played a recording of an obscene phone message they received that they think might be the man from Huachuca.

Police contacted the man and asked him about the incident, and he said he was in a study room at Huachuca until 10 p.m. then returned to his room and didn't leave again, reports stated.

Police arrested one UA student and sent another to the UA Dean of Students Diversion Program after one was caught with a Zone I parking permit that was reported lost, reports stated.

An officer went to Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., to speak with Sarah Hammel, 19, of Coronado Hall, about the reported lost permit in her 1993 BMW 38si.

She said she was using her roommate's permit because her roommate's car broke down, reports stated.

Hammel first said she didn't know it was reported lost, but then said her roommate mentioned it, reports stated.

She finally told police another friend of hers, Cassandra Hausuer, 18, of Coronado Hall, had two permits and gave her one, reports stated.

When police spoke with Hausuer she told them her car broke down, but then admitted she reported her original permit lost, got a replacement and gave the original to Hammel, reports stated.

She also said Hammel knew that the permit was lost.

Hammel didn't admit to knowing the permit was lost, so a UAPD officer cited her on suspicion of theft of services and diverted Hausuer to the Dean of Students' program.

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