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Religion has no place in dorms

By Ahmad Saad Nasim
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 15, 2000
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To the editor,

First of all, I would like to say that the Newman Center and the Catholic community in the UA has done many philanthropies and other positive things in the Tucson area. I don't have any hostility toward the Catholic community. Furthermore I am thankful that they have always helped clubs of ASUA use their facilities for club events.

This is another issue. While visiting other halls, as well as passing through my hall's front desk, I see signs that advertise religion, "Why am I a Catholic" with each Hall having a Stamp saying, "Hall Director Approved." Islamic Center Tucson is barred from posting any information about the Eid Holiday, the Wildcat's for Christ are only allowed to enter the lobby area, Hillel has to be brief in their flyers. But the flyer of the Newman Center was thought to be appropriate.

Why can't we also have flyers like - "Why Am I a Muslim" or "Why Am I a Hindu" or even "Why I am an Atheist," etc. It is not fair for one religious group to advertise, while other faiths must be succinct in the information they print out.

The Newman Center has every right to do their programs, and it is very interesting to learn about the Catholic Church, as well as their history. I think anybody interested in religion should go to the programs.

Nonetheless, the flyers have no place in the residence hall bulletin boards. They could have been modified to say, " Learn about Catholic History" or "What is Catholicism." "Why Am I Catholic" is a catchy title, but it offends me and quite a few residents living from Corleone and Coconino to Stadium. The last time I remember, I applied to the University of Arizona, not Notre Dame or Marquette.

Ahmad Saad Nasim

ASUA senator

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