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Friday, December 5, 2003
photo Medical college selects new dean

Dr. Keith A. Joiner, the director of Yale's Investigative Medicine Program, will become the new dean of the UA College of Medicine in March, officials announced yesterday.

"Dr. Joiner is a great selection for the job," said Provost George Davis. "He has a background that bridges research, significant administration experience and business perspectives."

As the dean for the College of Medicine, Joiner will oversee 19 departments at UA. [Read article]

Finalists named for vice provost

Academic affairs position narrowed down to three

The three finalists for the position of vice provost for academic affairs were announced yesterday.

Juan Garcia, head of the history department, Barbara Mills, professor of anthropology, and Kathryn Reed, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, were revealed as the three nominees for the job.

The position includes recruiting and retaining faculty and obtaining a more diverse staff for the university. [Read article]

photo La Aldea not just for grad students

The UA's new graduate student housing complex will open its doors to a select few undergraduates in the spring in an effort to fill 96 empty beds in the complex.

La Aldea, which opened in the fall, was designed to house exclusively graduate students, but because there are vacancies at the complex, some juniors and seniors will be allowed to move in for the spring semester only.

The $20 million apartment complex, located at North Euclid Avenue and East Fifth Street, just north of Coronado Residence Hall, offers 164, unfurnished, one, two and four bedroom units, for a total of 323 beds. [Read article]

photo Recycling importance stressed on campus

The smell of newsprint and bottled detergent emanated from the 1,000-pound bales of compacted recyclable materials placed around the Mall yesterday as part of America Recycles Day.

UA administrators and Tucson city officials, who were on the Mall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. yesterday, stressed the importance of proper recycling practices.

About 1,000 people walked by, asking questions and viewing displays, said Alana Levine, program coordinator of recycling and waste management. [Read article]

On the spot

Political science sophomore has been on a beer run and was very impressed with the deed

Wildcat: My name's Nathan and you're On the Spot. How's your day going today?

Palmer-Gai: Not bad. Kind of slept in, and I'm on my way to class. I already missed the first half.

Wildcat: Am I holding you up?

Palmer-Gai: At this point, it's kind of moot. I think I missed what the subject matter is one way or another. I'm going to meet up with my friend there so we can work out. [Read article]


"We will expect to win, we will win, and we will do it in a very quick way... You have to want to win, you have to know how to win, and you have to expect to win."
- Mike Stoops, who was hired as the new UA head football coach

"I had no idea that there was a drought. I'm not conservative with my water at all. In fact, last night I spent half-an-hour thawing chicken under the faucet." -Ryan Peacock,
photography sophomore [Read article]

photo Fastfacts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • Isaac Newton's only recorded utterance while he was a member of Parliament was a request to open the window.

  • Somewhere out there in space, amid the junk, is the Hasselblad camera dropped during a space walk by the U.S. astronaut Michael Collins. It will orbit the Earth for an indefinite period.

  • The Winchester House, near San Jose, Calif., is perhaps the most bizarre house ever built. Mrs. Sara Winchester was convinced that if she stopped adding rooms to her house, she would die. So, everyday for 38 years construction went on. The house contains 2,000 doors and 10,000 windows, many of which open onto blank walls, and stairways that lead nowhere. The eight-story house has 48 fireplaces and miles of secret passages and hallways. When Mrs. Winchester died in 1922, at the age of 84, her mansion contained 160 rooms and covered over six acres of ground. It's also supposedly haunted. [Read article]

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