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Tuesday February 27, 2001

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ASUA Primary: Presidential Endorsements

By The Wildcat Opinions Board

Podbielski Ray Quintero
Tiffany Podbielski
Ray Quintero

Tiffany Podbielski

Aside from having gained plenty of experience within ASUA as administrative vice president, Tiffany Podbielski has a clear vision for the role of ASUA both on campus and at the state level. Podbielski wants to use ASUA to improve student advising, while also continuing to lobby the state legislature and board of regents to keep university tuition low. She is also committed to taking a firm stance on issues directly affecting UA students.

Furthermore, Podbielski wants to serve as an advocate for creating a UA childcare facility. She considers this important program, one on which the UA administration has wavered, in need of a student government advocate to actively lobby on its behalf. By fighting for a childcare program, Podbielski also shows her commitment to non-traditional students at the UA.

Podbielski has campaigned to make significant changes to student advising. Also, she supports an increase in teaching assistant salaries as well as encouraging qualified professors to stay at the UA rather than seeking better-paying positions at other universities.

Tiffany Podbielski is an excellent candidate for ASUA president.

Ray Quintero

Ray Quintero has served both within ASUA as an elected senator and as a representative for the state student lobby, the Associated Students of Arizona (ASA). Despite experiencing defeat during his race for ASUA executive vice president last year, Quintero has not stopped being an active voice for students.

He has spent this year working with ASA and wants to bring this experience to the office of ASUA president. Being a student lobbyist through ASUA has given Quintero experience working with state government officials who can impact UA funding and tuition rates. Since keeping tuition low is one of his goals, his ability to work with state officials will come in handy.

Quintero wants to reach out to students and get them involved in more UA activities. He plans to pay greater attention to students who arrive at the UA during spring semester by kicking off Cat Craze, a spring version of the fall's CatFest. Furthermore, he would like to become a more visible presence on campus by visiting UA clubs, organizations and residence halls.

Quintero would like bridge gaps existing between Greek life, the Residence Hall Association (RHA), multicultural organizations and the greater UA student body. Quintero has also pledged to create a more centralized advising system and to include graduate and minority students on UA's Collaboration Board.

Ray Quintero is also an ideal candidate for ASUA president.

Students can vote online starting today at through 8 p.m. tomorrow.