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Tuesday February 27, 2001

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CD Review: Dave Matthews Band

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By Vanessa Francis

Dave Matthews Band


(RCA Records)

Grade: A

Six years ago, producer and writer Glen Ballard reinvented Alanis Morissette, changing her from the Canadian Paula Abdul to the angst-ridden femme fatale we know today. Ballard, highly acclaimed in the industry, tends to reinvent artists, resulting in a sound unfamiliar to devoted fans.

Ballard again plays the re-creator with Dave Matthews Band's latest CD, Everyday. On most of the tracks, the sound is amplified, the lyrics more poignant - watering down Matthews' voice and presence in the process.

Many of the songs are typical of the band - fast tempoed with smooth transitions to the chorus and beautifully mastered intros.

Two songs, "The Space Between" and "Angel," are in the same vein as pervious songs like "Crash" and "Crush." And, like the latter songs that were on previous albums, they are the obvious stand-outs.

Also notable is the title track, packed full of upbeat lyrics and acoustics provided by Matthews.

The album is not only more consistent and fluid than the previous Before These Crowded Streets, but is also far more mellow.

However, Matthews is barely audible on the tracks "When the World Ends," as well as "Fool to Think." The band takes center stage, a change from previous albums.

While the band is named the Dave Matthews Band, Everyday is a solid release due to the band as a whole and not just Matthews. Perhaps it's time to give credit to saxophonist Leroi Moore and violinist Boyd Tinsley, who are two of the best in the music industry.

Though Matthews has taken a step back from the spotlight, Everyday is a worthy pick made possible by Ballard and a team of four musicians of the highest caliber.

-Vanessa Francis