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Wednesday February 28, 2001

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Do you think ASUA makes decisions that affect you as a student?

This week ASUA holds its primary election, and UA students will decide which candidates best represent them. Because election turnouts in past years have shown little student interest, ASUA members hope that a new online voting system will encourage more students to cast ballots - but whether excitement over the elections will increase or not remains to be seen. The Wildcat asked students about ASUA and if they feel represented by the students currently holding office.

Josh Fry Josh Fry
Psychology sophomore

  "I think ASUA is more like window dressing. (ASUA members) don't look at all the issues. Their impact really is not that important, but they still have access to the people in the powerful positions."

Joe Torrano Joe Torrano
Aerospace engineering freshman

  "I haven't seen much of ASUA, but I'd like to see what they do. I'm sure they have an impact, I just don't know how."

Sarah Northmore Sarah Northmore
English sophomore

  "I really don't know who they are to be honest. I probably won't vote because I don't know anything about them. I just see signs with their names on them. I wouldn't be able to name one thing that they do."

Jacob Pitts Jacob Pitts
Chemical engineering and computer science sophomore

  "I think that ASUA started to reach out to me during the elections, but I really don't know what they did for me as a student my first semester here. They're not accessible. I'd like to see them come to the residence halls and have an info session."

Reported by Daniel Scarpinato. Photography by Mike Larson.