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Wednesday February 28, 2001

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Cutting back on confidence

Do you have high confidence?

No, I don't mean your self-esteem, I mean your consumer confidence. According to economic research groups, the American people's consumer confidence has dropped considerably. The big guys, the one's with suits and yachts, want you to get out there and buy, buy, buy - but Americans aren't confident enough to do so.

President Bush is struggling to keep our economy afloat, but he doesn't understand that we must have confidence in our country to have confidence with our wallets.

I can remember the very instant I lost my confidence in Bush as the premier money manager of the country. It was during the Barbara Walters interview the day before he was inaugurated. Walters asked Bush why he had sold all of his stock before he moved to the White House. Bush responded with stutters and smirks, and had no reasonable explanation.

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