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Thursday March 8, 2001

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Pastner may be forced to leave program after season

Just like he has been doing for the past five years, Josh Pastner spent this season clutching a clipboard and patting players on the butt.

Only this year, he was doing it while donning a dark suit and with his hair combed, a far cry from the shooting shirt he used to sport during his playing days from 1996-2000.

"This summer, I went home to Houston and my mom and I went shopping to get me a new wardrobe," Pastner said. "I couldn't come to games in gym shorts and a Polo shirt or else Coach O would look down the bench and think I'm nuts. The Rick Pitinos and John Caliparis look like the million dollar guys, so maybe some of that will rub off of me."

Dressed for success, year one of the Josh Pastner coaching experience is nearly complete.

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