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Thursday March 8, 2001

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Letters to the editor

Winsky column unfairly heaps praise on ASUA candidate

On Monday the Wildcat ran a commentary by Laura Winsky in which, among other things, she lavished praise on Senate candidate Josh Maxwell.

There is no problem with the Wildcat's commentators writing opinions about ASUA and our potential representatives. Unfortunately, Laura Winsky created a conflict of interest in doing so because she is also the campaign manager for Josh Maxwell. Although Maxwell refers to her now as only a "campaign adviser" he placed her name as one of two official contacts for his campaign. This is a fact and can be checked with the elections commission.

I am writing in protest of this conflict of interest and in the hopes of informing the public of the truth behind the article. Laura Winsky knowingly mislead both the student body and the Wildcat in writing this opinion of candidate Maxwell. At no time should those who write opinions for the only medium that reaches our student body also be extensively involved with candidates hoping to represent that same student body. Otherwise how can they claim the least bit of objectivity?

I hope in the future the Wildcat will make sure to disassociate its reporters and opinion writers from being officially linked with any ASUA campaigns.

Please do not confuse my investigation of this matter with an attack on Candidate Maxwell. As a senator, I support all candidates equally and am only bringing the facts of the issue to light so that you may judge for yourselves the importance of them.

Seth Frantzman

ASUA Senator

history and political science senior

Facilities Management acted appropriately

The response of Facilities Management employees to the Art 104 student's project is appropriate. The university total annual insurance cost is about $7 million to $8 million.

A sidewalk has an established purpose. To knowingly allow the creation of a condition contrary to the purpose of the sidewalk is a major assumption of liability. Should someone be hurt through their own inattention or otherwise, the university would, having knowingly allowed the creation of the hazard, been legally responsible for the resulting injuries. In similar circumstances, payments of $150,000 and $350,000 resulted.

The Facilities Management employees acted appropriately. The students of the art class should also have included in the criteria for the project avoiding the creation of potential liability as well as improving the beauty of the area.

As the Insurance Officer for the university, I have participated in the placement of artwork around the university grounds. Placement that is both an appropriate setting for the artwork and does not create a potential hazard is an everyday concern.

Alan Lee

UA Insurance Officer

Tucson radio station better than column claims

This letter is in response to Lora Mackel's March 6 column in which she argued that KAMP student radio deserves a low-power FM signal.

I wholeheartedly agree. However in arguing for the FM signal Mackel needlessly trashes one of Tucson's best radio stations: 91.3 KXCI. She accused KXCI of essentially playing only bluegrass. I just want to suggest that Mackel take a closer listen. KXCI has the best public affairs programming in Tucson, with the 9 a.m. daily show Democracy Now and local public interest shows (including "A View From Slightly Off Center") at 6 p.m. daily. They only have two bluegrass shows - on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The rest of the time they either have other specialty shows ("The Ska Box," "Espresso Swing," "Urban Injection," "Gimmie Indie Rock") or the eclectic "Music Mix." Go to for their complete schedule.

Also, Mackel didn't even mention Radio Limbo (103.3), Tucson's own pirate radio station. Limbo broadcasts every day from approximately 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Radio Limbo is awesome. Check out for more info.

So, yes, Tucson deserves another non-commercial station, but there's some better radio out there than Mackel realizes.

Rachel Wilson

psychology grad student

Letter close-minded to Christians

It's funny that Nikki Lee thinks letters to the Wildcat are "becoming more and more illogical," because that's exactly what crossed my mind when I read her response on March 6. Lee did a fine job of playing semantics with the word "cult" and digressing on details, but, unfortunately, missed the point entirely.

The point is that Cody Angell's comic was a below-the-belt cheap shot. That is why the comic drew so much ire. It is totally his entitlement to express himself through his comic. Believe me, Christians are no strangers to blanket criticisms based on oversimplified misconstrued "facts." To applaud slander upon those who are essentially out there to help people is also Lee's right.

The various Christian campus ministers (who represent different organizations with the same message, though varying in assertiveness) almost all have college and grad school degrees in which they could make a living working a 9-to-5 job. Though the average campus cynic may not annoy you, you can be certain they do not care as much about people who hate them. So before you accuse Christians of being close-minded proselytizers, take a look at how you proselytize others into being close-minded to Christians.

Andrew Jaw

materials science and engineering senior