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Friday March 9, 2001

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As Spring Break approaches, even UA's most prominent campus personalities are readying for a week-long furlough. Below, their most memorable Spring Breaks:

Ben Graff

Ben Graff
ASUA president and a psychology junior:

"My best Spring Break was last year. Neither my girlfriend, Lin, or I had ever been to Vegas. The two of us basically did a road trip to Vegas, but neither one of us thought about reserving a room. We spent about four hours trying to find an open hotel room in Vegas during Spring Break. We finally found a room at the Comfort Inn... we had a great time."

Arne Eckstrom

Arne Eckstrom
Students Against Sweatshops member and a neurosciences graduate student:

"I went to Nicaragua last Spring Break. I stayed with (sweatshop) workers for a couple of nights. I also spent some time meeting with the owner of the factory, union representatives, and the ambassador to Nicaragua. I've done Spring Breaks in the past where I've gone to Las Vegas. I thought it would be good to try something different and learn something."

Peter Likins

Peter Likins
UA president:

"I don't remember ever taking a Spring Break. Remember, I went to college in the '50s. It was no great adventure to go off to Mexico. It was never something that was a part of my life."