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Tuesday March 27, 2001

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Likins wants $200 tuition hike

UA will never be where it should be in funding, president says

UA President Peter Likins yesterday recommended a tuition increase of $200 for in-state students, and a $500 hike for out-of-state students, for the next school year.

"We know that there is a critical need for more resources," Likins said, adding that roughly $6 million generated by the proposed increase will go toward information technology, improvements in student advising, graduate teaching-assistant support, financial aid and debt service.

Current in-state tuition for Arizona's three state universities is $2,344, and out-of-state tuition is $9,800, ranking Arizona No. 49 in the country for lowest in-state tuition fees.

"There is really nothing wrong with tuition being low," said Ben Graff, Associated Students for the University of Arizona president.

"The more that tuition rises, the accessibility to institutions (such as UA) decreases," he said.

Kelly Dalton, co-director of Arizona Students Association, a lobbying organization with representives from the three state universities, said an increase is necessary, but not as high as what Likins has recommended.

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