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Tuesday April 3, 2001

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Serving academia - not party-goers

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When that eerie feeling takes over as you walk home from the library, who are you gonna call?

The Escort Service.

Recently, pressure has been placed on the Escort Service to extend its hours to serve students on the weekends.

After spending time riding around with those who run the program, it seems ridiculous to place the responsibility of driving "partied-out" students home on the shoulders of ASUA.

In order to explore the program, I decided to do what every other columnist must do once in his or her career - go undercover. So, last Thursday, my accomplice and I disguised ourselves as students needing a ride across campus and called 621-SAFE.

As soon as they took my information, I hit start on my stopwatch. The white Escort Service van rolled up to the back of Yavapai Hall in exactly five minutes, 30 seconds. Not bad, since the average pick-up for the month of March was five minutes, 22 seconds. My plan was to be dropped off at Babcock Inn, so I could get some quality time observing the driver and the entire routine.

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