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Monday April 9, 2001

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Spring Fling Photo Spread

All photos by Kevin Klaus of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Click on the thumbnail for a full size photo.

Riders of "Spin Out" shreak while strobes go off in the middle of the rides rotation.

As the "Inverter" returns to the loading platform, riders enjoy the wind rushing into their faces

People of all ages spent their afternoons and evenings at the UA Spring Fling this past weekend. Among the attractions was the "Spinout," shown midway though its upside down rotation here.

Aureleo Rosan pulls out his tickets to purchase Italian Ice from marketing junior, Tiffany Richards.

Riders feel the outward force of the "Music Express" as it spins faster and faster. Eventually it goes backwards too.

Gene Edgerson accepts tickets from biology sophmore Deana Lozano for some fry bread at the Spring Fling on Saturday night.