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Friday April 13, 2001

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Spring has sprung, and it is time that young people's thoughts turn to ... money. That's right. It's time to pass a budget in both national and state capitols, to file taxes, and for young men to announce their intentions to enter the NBA draft.

"What?" you say. "The draft?"

Well in case you have been living in a cave and this column is your first encounter with civilization, our men's basketball team has become notorious lately not only for playing in the NCAA National Championship basketball game, but for the players that will leave the program to enter the draft before their four years of commitment are up.

This latest development, not surprisingly, has unleashed intense emotion in the community. Some have reacted with violent disapproval, but most students have supported the men. The general consensus of the undergraduate student population has been, "Hell, if someone offered me a million or more dollars, I would do it."

There has been more focus on the possible fiscal rewards awaiting the potential draftees than there has been on the moral, ethical or educational correctness of their decisions. It does not seem to matter that these men would be living out their dream, but rather that there will be a big payoff to justify their leaving school. T

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