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Monday April 23, 2001

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Police Beat

By Jose Ceja

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA student was arrested Thursday after an officer saw his fake ID while citing him for running a stop sign, reports stated.

An officer driving near East University Boulevard noticed a 1991 Toyota MR2 fail to stop before entering an intersection, reports stated.

The officer then pulled the vehicle over on East University Boulevard near North Tyndall Avenue, reports stated.

The officer approached the driver of the vehicle, Richard Montague III, 19, of the 1400 block of East First Street, and told him why he had been pulled over, reports stated.

Montague said he knew why he was stopped, and told the officer he was in a hurry because he was late to pick up a girl he was taking to the movies, reports stated.

The officer asked Montague for his license and registration, and Montague flipped through a stack of cards in his wallet to find his ID.

While Montague flipped through the stack, the officer saw a New Jersey driver's license among the cards in Montague's wallet, reports stated.

Montague gave the officer another driver's license, from Washington state, which identified him and listed his date of birth as March 2, 1982, reports stated.

The officer asked to see the other driver's license in the wallet, so Montague gave him the New Jersey driver's license which identified him as Richard E. Montague with a date of birth of Oct. 15, 1979, reports stated.

This date, the officer noted, would make Montague old enough to "purchase and consume liquor," reports stated.

The officer then ran checks on both of the licenses and found that only the Washington ID was valid.

Montague told the officer that he bought the New Jersey ID in Washington for about $45, reports stated.

Montague was cited for possession of fictitious identification, failing to stop at a stop sign, and not possessing current vehicle registration, reports stated.

Montague was released at the scene.

A UA student's bicycle was stolen from outside a university building Thursday, reports stated.

The student said he locked his Rally-brand mountain bike outside of the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Building, 1130 N. Mountain Ave., Thursday morning with a cable lock, reports stated.

When the student returned about an hour later, he noticed the bicycle and cable lock were both missing, reports stated.

The student said he did not know the value of either the bicycle or the cable lock, reports stated.

The student told officers that he did not see anything suspicious in the area. Police have no witnesses or suspects at this time.

A UA student was given a sexually explicit note while studying in a UA building Thursday, reports stated.

The student said she was on the third floor of the Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., and was so "engrossed" in her books that she did not pay attention to the whispering in the cubicle in front of her, report stated.

The student said she then felt something brush up against her leg and when she looked down, she saw a man looking at her.

The student said the man then got up and handed her a handwritten message containing "suggestive, lewd" comments, reports stated.

The student said she was so shocked by the note that she did not notice the man walk away.

Police searched the area for a man matching the suspect's description but were not successful, reports stated.

The student said the male was about 6 feet tall, of a medium build with short, curly brown hair and wearing a black short-sleeve shirt and khaki pants, reports stated.

The student said she could identify the man if she saw him again, but could not provide a good enough description to make a composite sketch.

A UA employee's bicycle was stolen from outside a university building Thursday, reports stated.

The employee said he locked his "brand new" Motive-brand mountain bike, valued at $200, outside of the Modern Languages building, 1423 E. University Blvd. Thursday morning and noticed it missing when he returned later in the day, reports stated.

The employee locked the bicycle with a cable lock, which was not in the area when he returned, reports stated.

There are no witnesses or suspects at this time.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resume can be found at