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Tuesday April 24, 2001

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CD Review: Janet Jackson

Headline Photo

Janet Jackson

All For You

Virgin Records

Grade: B+

Janet's back, and this time around, she's checking out your package.

Four years after the release of the multi-platinum Velvet Rope, Jackson has returned with a sizzling new album. The album's disco riffs and electronically-altered vocals provide listeners with a hip, retro sounding album.

All for You celebrates Jackson's post-divorce independence - she is on the scene and looking for a good time.

The album's title track, a No. 1 hit, has saturated radio with its funky beats and piano flourishes. The accompanying video reveals Janet's sculpted abs and trademark sexuality that practically drips off the screen.

The song also provides a hint of the album's provocative lyrics by letting all her "girls at the party" know who's "got nice package alright/guess I'm gonna have to ride it tonight."

In "Would You Mind," Jackson is "gonna kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you" - and the 35-year-old, twiced-divorcˇe is just getting started.

A collaboration with singer/songwriter Carly Simon provides one of the album's most startling tracks, "Son of a Gun." Simon joins Jackson for a rap interlude and ghetto-flava interpretation of Simon's classic "You're so Vain." The profanity-laced tune is worth the $15 alone.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the production team behind Jackson's last five albums, are back at the controls delivering the sounds that fans expect - R & B rhythms with a pop sensibility.

Producer Rockwilder mixes rock-guitar licks, programmed beats and string arrangements on five tracks, rounding out Janet's funkadelic confection.

Jackson's No. 1 hit "Doesn't Really Matter" from "The Nutty Professor 2" soundtrack is also included on the album.

All for You is a reminder of why fans love Janet, Miss Jackson if you're nasty.