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Wednesday June 6, 2001

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Campaign Arizona surpasses halfway mark

By Daniel Scarpinato

Arizona Summer Wildcat

UA Foundation predicts another successful year

UA President Peter Likins surprised many last fall when he announced that the University of Arizona was setting a goal to raise one billion dollars through Campaign Arizona, a five-year fundraising plan.

Latest figures for the fundraiser, however, show that the goal is closer to being reach than many thought.

As of December, the university had received more than $520 million - more than half of its goal - in both cash and pledges.

Dana Wier, vice president of public affairs for the UA Foundation, explained that the total number includes funds that were raised dating back to June 1997, when the "quiet," or planning, phase of the campaign took place.

"This is a reflection of the entire university system gearing up for this special event," Wier said in March.

In February, a study conducted by the Council for the Advancement of Education found that the UA Foundation had raised $91 million during the 1999-2000 fiscal year.

The study indicated that donations for that year had increased by more than $25 million and are expected to continue to increase by substantial amounts throughout the campaign.

The majority of donations were given by non-alumni.

Those funds - given by private foundations, individuals, and corporations - totaled nearly $65 million.

Ken Bacher, the foundation's development director, said the organizations which donate to the UA range from large, nationally-established foundations to small, family-operated ones.

"There are a great variety of programs here at the U of A that tend to attract a large amount of donations," Bacher said.

Alumni contributions made up a smaller category, totaling nearly $20 million dollars.

Campaign Arizona's most recent numbers show that the 2000-2001 fiscal year will be a success as well.

Between December and February, UA officials had raised an additional $30 million more. At that time, the total stood at more than $550 million.