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Friday September 29, 2000

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Letters to the Editor

Morality and sexuality connected

To the editor,

Since when Mr. Spiller, are "morals and sexual orientation completely unconnected" as you say? (Fascists in our midst, Sept. 27). Perhaps Mr. Spiller and others would prefer an amoral society, but as long as the concept of morality exists, it will relate in part to sexual conduct. If "sexual orientation is not a moral issue," then I guess Mr. Spiller has no problems with folks that like their sex with animals or, perhaps children or, violent sex (sadism). Should the Scouts be encouraged to "tolerate" these forms of sexual orientation/perversions ("Perversion: 2. a perverted form; esp.: an aberrant sexual practice preferred to normal coitus". Webster) as well?

Mr. Spiller, what is this business about conservatives "relying on the stereotype of gay men as sodomites...?" If homosexuals do not in fact practice sodomy, ("Sodomy: carnal copulation with the same sex." Webster) then what, pray tell, do they practice? We are not trying to redefine terms here are we?

Also, your feeble twisted attempt to portray the Boy Scouts as a bigoted, right wing, fascist, paramilitary group that "warps and manipulates its members" is in itself warped and manipulative with so much slanderous name calling.

Finally, the city of Tucson never "funded" the Boy Scouts. It only approves the list of charities that that can be support by city employees through the United Way.

You lament intelligent debate Mr. do I.

Viva la Boy Scouts!

Philip Alderink

Advisor to the Graduate Student Christian Fellowship

Columnist out of line

To the editor,

Every year there seems to be one columnist working for the Wildcat who has a hard-on by pushing the envelope of free speech and making the most ridiculous claims. So is that a banana in your pants Mr. Spiller, or are you just happy to see me?

Joshua Brink

History junior

Golf towers over equestrians

To the editor,

Anyone who doesn't feel that Equestrian horse racing should forever be banned in the Olympics... Stand still and let Tiger Woods tee up a nice new Titleist golf ball at your head ... or maybe Mr. Ed's for the matter.

The editorial written by Mr. Kamy Shaygan, has been criticized longer than those damn horses could probably run. Times have changed, no one watches it! If you want to talk about the history behind a sport, golf has been around since the early 1400s, and is played in nearly every country on every continent. Why is Equestrian still an Olympic sport and the last 5 years golf has given unsuccessful proposals to make its "world-wide" sport an event. Who watches horses jump barrels come Sunday? Or who turns to NBC to catch the last round of the British Open or The Ryder Cup? Golf right now deserves a spot in the Olympics, and if you feel it becomes an issue of training or stamina that you feel Kamy or another person would fail to achieve, play competitive golf for four days. Tell me if you are physically fatigued, and, oh yeah, for you non-competitive golfers try the mental aspect of the game, something I don't think is involved in kicking a horse to jump over some water. If you don't believe me, ask Tiger Woods about what's grueling, as in his playoff over a month ago against a total unknown golfer. Oh yeah Equestrian fans, in case you didn't know: Tiger Woods is a really good golfer, and probably the most popular sports athlete in the world. More popular than your favorite thoroughbred or Christine Traurig; your Olympic equestrian.

Jason Anzalone

Finance sophomore

LDS behind scouts

To the editor,

I was a Boy Scout, and I'd like to say I hate gays because of it. No, actually I don't, but according to Cory Spiller's nice, little, unfounded stereotype I should. Mr. Spiller made many assumptions that were false. First off, because the "pre-pubescent boy" said that homosexuals shouldn't be scoutmasters, it doesn't necessarily mean he has been "force-fed propaganda." The fact is, and most Boy Scouts know this, that the LDS church is the backbone of the organization. If homosexuals were allowed into scouting, the church would withdraw and scouting would fall apart. Second, no one is forced to shoot guns in scouts. Though there is a rifle shooting merit badge, it doesn't mean that the entire organization is focused on militarizing the youth. There are well over 100 other merit badges available to scouts. Many focus on practical life skills, including communication, finance management, citizenship and more. Third, is anyone who wears a uniform a Nazi militant? What about sports teams or work uniforms? Mr. Spiller makes many assumptions about an organization he obviously never participated in. More so, he called me "narrow-minded," "gay-hating," "fascist" and "militant" without ever meeting me. How's that for a narrow-minded and fascist act? I don't agree with the decision to exclude homosexuals, but the organization would have floundered without it. With such strong religious ties, the organization is obligated to follow the precedents set forth by the religion. The problem lies within society as a whole's and Christianity's intolerance of homosexuality. The organization is positive in many ways and doesn't deserve to be Spiller's punching bag of unfounded ranting. Next time, he should consider providing some support between his slandering.

Mario Sweeney

Computer engineering freshman