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Tuesday October 10, 2000

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Being aware of awareness weeks

Historically- and socially-underrepresented groups are out in the spotlight this week at the UA, as activities in observation of Native American Recognition Week, Coming Out Week, and the federally-sponsored "Campus Week of Dialogue" on race relations occur simultaneously.

However, in the midst of all the awareness, one must remember that these weeks are not merely five-day-long lip service sessions on how and when to be politically correct. People should take advantage of this week and do more than just munch on some frybread while affixing pink triangle stickers to their notebooks.

Members of the University of Arizona community need to make every effort to become more aware of the other groups they share the world with.

Yesterday was Columbus Day. But how many people have ever asked an American Indian what he or she thinks of this holiday? Yesterday, also the first day of Native American Recognition Week, would have been a good time to ask.

How many heterosexuals are aware of the emotional turmoil of coming out of the closet to one's parents? This week would be a good time to ask a gay peer what he or she has gone through.

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