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Wednesday October 18, 2000

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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano

University police officers detained an illegal immigrant Monday night at East Speedway Boulevard and North Olsen Avenue, reports stated.

The vehicle was stopped after officers saw it run a red light at the intersection. A bilingual officer was called to the scene to speak with the Spanish-speaking driver. The driver told the officers that he did not have a driver license and that he did not have any legal papers stating that he was allowed to be in the United States, reports stated.

The 21-year-old illegal immigrant was taken to UAPD, where officers called the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol confirmed that the man was an illegal immigrant. He was released into the Border Patrol's custody.

University officers called the owner of the vehicle and told her that her vehicle was parked in a lot near the location of the traffic stop. Officers told her the vehicle stalled several times while they parked it in the lot, reports stated.

An abandoned golf cart was found Sunday night parked behind a convenience store, reports stated.

Officers were on patrol when they saw the abandoned cart in an alley behind the 7-Eleven convenience store, 1750 E. Speedway Blvd. Nobody in the area of the store claimed responsibility of the cart.

Police returned to the alley later in the night to check if the cart was still there. The cart was parked sideways and was blocking the entrance to the alley. Police called the owners of the cart, Classic Carts, but were unable to speak with a Classic Carts employee.

Officers then ran a check on the cart, which was not reported stolen.

The cart was taken into property at UAPD until someone from Classic Carts picks up the vehicle, report stated.

After running around outdoors, intoxicated, at a residence hall Saturday night, a UA student and his roommate were arrested for charges related to suspicion of minor in possession of alcohol, reports stated.

A resident's assistant at Babcock Apartments, 1717 E. Speedway Blvd., called police after she saw a resident running around the second floor balcony and later knocking over a lamp. Police spoke with the resident's roommate, Jacob Kasper, 18. Kasper allowed police to enter the room and speak with his sleeping roommate, James Engles, 18.

After shaking Engles' foot, they were able to wake him briefly. While talking to police, Engles went in an out of consciousness. Police looked through his wallet and found two fake IDs. Officers also noticed several empty beer cans and two unopened cases of beer. Police had Kasper pour out the beer.

Tucson Fire Department was called to the scene and transported Engles to the University Medical Center, 1510 N. Campbell Avenue. Officers called Engles' parents, who were staying at the Marriot while visiting their son, reports stated.

Medical staff at the UMC told officers that Engles had ingested alcohol and marijuana. He was released from the hospital two hours after admittance.

Officers returned to the room, cited and released Engles for suspicion of possessing fictitious identification and minor in possession of alcohol.

Kasper was cited and released for suspicion of being a minor in possession of alcohol, reports stated.

A Tucson man was arrested on charges related to suspicion of drunk driving and was released to his mother, reports stated.

Police were southbound on North Campbell Avenue when they saw a truck swerve between lane dividers. Officers stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver on North Campbell Avenue and East Sixth Street, reports stated.

Officers saw the driver, Hector Torres, 20, of the 5700 block of South Herp Drive, sway and use the door for support as he exited the vehicle. Officers also had the passenger of the truck exit the vehicle.

Police did not smell alcohol on the driver's breath, however they did notice that his face was red and his eyes were red and watery.

Hector admitted he had drunk two beers. He participated in several field sobriety tests, which he failed.

He was taken to UAPD where he was given a blood alcohol analysis test. He had a 0.5 blood alcohol content. He was arrested for suspicion of failing to drive within traffic lanes, being a minor operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and minor in possession of alcohol. He was released when his mother came to police headquarters and picked him up, reports stated.