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Friday October 20, 2000

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'Bedazzled' is spellbinding

Fraser, diabolical cleavage make for Satanic fun

Cinematic depiction of the Devil is by nature a dicey business - should the Prince of Darkness be scary, silly, powerful, irritating or Al Pacino?

So maybe the last two are repetitive. Nevertheless, the proper way to portray the Evil One has eluded filmmakers since the birth of the medium - until "Bedazzled," the latest work from director Harold Ramis ("Caddyshack," Analyze This"). Ramis has crafted the most diabolical, horrifying portrayal of Satan yet - by making the Devil a really hot, barely clothed chick who never gets naked.

Elizabeth Hurley, wearing an array of enthralling fetishized outfits, plays the Devil in this breezy remake of Stanley Donen's 1968 cult comedy of the same name. Based very loosely on Goethe's "Faust," that film starred Peter Cook as a much more clothed Devil and Dudley Moore as a wistful Wimpyburger cook who gets seven wishes, each of which are humorously fouled by Cook's capricious Satan.

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