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Monday October 23, 2000

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Campus-wide formal may not happen

By Maya Schechter

Arizona Daily Wildcat

ASUA president vetoed the dance, senators could override veto on Wednesday

Fall Ball 2000's plug has been temporarily pulled, pending the Wednesday Senate override vote for ASUA President Ben Graff's veto that could cancel the campus-wide formal.

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona senators met Friday morning to discuss the "Pull the Plug" plan, which stated that if 350 tickets were not sold by Saturday, the project would be terminated.

At the time of the meeting, 53 tickets had been sold for next Saturday's event.

Sen. Matt Bailey, who came up with the idea for the dance last spring, proposed that the Senate cancel the pull-the-plug date in order to continue planning the event.

He said that as of midnight Friday, 105 tickets were sold, and although the veto has put a hold on him continuing to plan the event, he has not given up hope.

"We had a very extensive and productive discussion about pulling the plug, and I am extremely proud of the Senate for their time and support," Bailey said.

However, Graff said that he was concerned that not all of the senators were present at the meeting and were not able to voice their opinions.

"The entire Senate will be present at Wednesday's meeting so we can primarily decide what is going to happen with Fall Ball," he said.

Graff decided to veto the Senate's approval to fiscally protect the students and to make sure more of their money is not lost.

If Fall Ball is canceled, Graff said, the Senate will have a debt of about $10,000 and will have to decide what ASUA funds will help pay the money back.

"The Senate will have to decide where to take back money that was promised to students, so I am trying to protect them from being in an uncomfortable position," Graff added.

Sen. Seth Frantzman, who voted to cancel the pull-the-plug idea, said when he came to the meeting he had the full intention of voting against Bailey's proposal, even though so much hard work had gone into the project.

"But then, I thought about it during the meeting, after Bailey was able to answer all my questions, and I realized I have faith that his staff can pull it off," he said.

ASUA Executive Vice President Erick Negri said during Wednesday's meeting, he and Administrative Vice President Tiffany Podbielski will be voting with the senators.

In order to overturn Graff's veto, the motion needs to pass with a three-fourths majority, Negri said.

"I think it's a groundbreaking issue because this was the first time we had a special meeting in a long time," he added.

Sen. Tricia Williams said she voted against canceling the pull-the-plug date because she didn't agree with the idea in the first place.

"We have not had an overwhelming cry from the students, and our job is to make sure their money is well spent," Williams said.

She said she agreed with Graff's veto and will support it in Wednesday's meeting.

However, Bailey said he expects the Senate will vote in favor of continuing Fall Ball 2000 preparations.

"I am extremely optimistic that Fall Ball 2000 will happen," he said.