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Monday October 23, 2000

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Problems with your significant other? Stop by the Newman Center tonight at 6 for a conference on dealing with unhealthy relationships. This Oasis Center sponsored event will focus on identifying troubled relationships and offer tips on remedying those problems. You'll also learn how to distinguish what type of relationship you're in and how that affects the bond you have with your partner. The workshop is free and open to the public.

Music and the media have gotten a bad rep lately with recent killings being blamed on music bands. But the problem stretches further back than just within the past decade. "Media, Music and Mobilization: The Case of Southern Textile Worker Insurgency, 1929-1934" explores what affect music and the media had on people in the earlier half of the past century. Vincent Roscigno, a sociology professor at Ohio State, will lead the lecture, which will be held in Room 400 of the University Services Building. The program starts at noon. If you need more information, give Gisela Aaron a ring at 621-3531.

Don't feel like enough of a man? Maybe too much? Sarah Moore, an assistant art professor, can answer that question when she discusses "Making a Man of Him: Constructing Masculinity on the Western Frontier" at 3 this afternoon. Be in Harvill Room 332B for Moore's insightful lecture.

You've heard Bob Marley and Peter Tosh sing about oppression, so why not experience it for yourself and see just what they're crooning about? Tunnel of Oppression is back again for another round to challenge your thoughts, perceptions and inner feelings. You may come away feeling a little offended, but that's part of the experience. The tours begin at 6 p.m. in the Kaibab-Huachuca dorm. Each tour runs about a half hour, followed by a processing session to discuss your experience. Call Sarah Gonzales at 626-6015 for all the details.

All that jazz hits the UA campus today with a Jazz I concert. Joining the jazz ensemble is clarinetist Abe Most, a musician in the ranks with Tommy Dorsey, Les Brown and Frank DeVol. The show starts at 7:30 in Crowder Hall. Tickets cost between $4 and $8, and can be purchased through the fine arts box office. So give them a call at 621-1162 to reserve your tickets.

So you've got the whole paper finished, with one exception. That annoying final paragraph that's supposed to wrap everything up. Yeah it's annoying, but you have to do it. So why not swing by the Writing Skills Improvement workshop to learn how to do it right. After all, your mother always says anything worth doing is worth doing well. "Organizing the Concluding Paragraph" will offer you all the tips you need to finish up the paper and earn yourself an A. The workshop starts at 5 p.m. in Modern Languages Room 410.