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Monday October 23, 2000

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Letters to the Editor

SAS should lose recognition

To the editor,

Students Against Sweatshops (SAS) is currently recognized as an official student organization by ASUA and the Office of Student Programs. To receive the status of official recognition clubs must adopt a constitution which includes a clause (Article X) requiring them to "comply with all university and campus policies." One such policy is the code of conduct, which prohibits "Intentionally or recklessly destroying, damaging or misappropriating university property" (5-303 (R7-4-102)#13). However, SAS spokesperson Rachel Wilson has recently gone on record saying that "if we [SAS] decided to damage property in some way, that is something we would have to agree upon as a group" (Oct. 19 Wildcat). Ms. Wilson has explicitly stated that the club leaves open its option to damage property, provided members have agreed on such action. But, this is inconsistent with the requirements of officially recognized student organizations. Whether one agrees with the goals of SAS or not, I believe that ASUA and the Office of Student Programs must either (1) revoke their officially recognized status and all the privileges that accompany it, or (2) permit all student organizations to omit Article X from their constitutions.

Zachary Neal

Philosophy senior

Homophobia a false complaint

To the editor,

Homosexuals love to label those that don't approve as "homophobic." If one has a distaste for okra, is one to be labeled okraphobic? If one finds pedophilia immoral is one to be labeled pedophiliaphobic? I am not aware of anyone who has a irrational or excessive fear (phobia, Webster) of homosexuals, but there are people that find this sexual perversion distasteful or immoral. If there is anything to be feared it is a biased press that that would give four full pages to the celebration of what some would consider perversion and not give a hearing to the "dark side" of homosexual practice much less allow for freedom of thought on this issue by vilifying those that don't approve.

Philip Alderink

Advisor to Graduate Christian Fellowship

Property damage has no place

To the editor,

I read the article about the signs posted all over campus... some stupid and offensive flyers totally glued on university buildings and department signs. This method of damaging property alienates mainstream students from the issues SAS, Amnesty, SAD and others are fighting.

Our purpose should be education, not damage of property. It is true that President Likins has been a shameless fellow by not accepting the terms of SAS, the UAPD has been dishonorable by not apologizing to a black student they beat up two years ago, the traitor business college which betrays its advanced standing students or the Study Abroad Office which cheats students after the study abroad that will not get the credits guaranteed. Yet, after all this shame, betrayal, cheating, lying to the students, what does the purpose of protesting serve?

The fact is we are at a large, public university where we have problems of tuition, overcrowded classes and students in this time are very practical and want to graduate and get a paying job. Human rights is the least of their concerns. ASUA which fights for student issues like tuition is voted in by less than 10 percent of the student population. The fact is SAS is way ahead of its time. To pint where many former senators laughed as if SAS members were standup comedians making up stories of labor violations. Whenever the economy is very good in the nation, fewer and fewer people care about current events.

Protest boards should be dropped for educational forums, workshops and seminars. The current administration will sell its soul to the devil if necessary to raise funds. Nike is only a little servant of the devil. The students of today are the future leaders... they are the ones we should educate and discuss these issues. Many protesters have alienated themselves from mainstream, practical students. Many protesters these days are amateurs and need to be protested against since they discriminate average "Joe Schmoe" students.

As stupid, ignorant, arrogant, uncaring as some students may be, they can change. They sure can. People like Malcolm X were criminals, thugs, but they changed into great leaders for this nation. Why lose hope on the students who are already on the right path but don't know the right direction? What we need back in the students is that sense of hope!

Ahmad Saad Nasim

General business senior