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Wednesday November 15, 2000

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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA student was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs from inside a UA building Sunday morning, police reports stated.

A student living in the Sky View Apartments, 1050 E. Eighth St., called police after his roommate asked him to compare the scent of cocaine with the odor of a mixture of cocaine and crushed B-6 vitamins, reports stated.

The roommate smelled the concoction to avoid an argument with his room mate, Allen Yu, 19, of the Sky View Apartments. Yu's roommate called police after Yu left the room.

Police arrived on the scene and spoke with Yu's two roommates. They told officers what happened and that Yu has been selling drugs to other residents in the Sky View Apartments. They allowed officers to enter their room, which they share with Yu. Police found a baggy with white residue in clear view on Yu's desk.

Some officers stayed inside Yu's room while other officers left to attain a search warrant. Yu returned to the room while police were in the process of getting the warrant. Yu admitted to police that he had only sold cocaine twice. He gave officers permission to search his room. Police recovered a baggy containing 7.6 grams of a white rock like substance, 6.6 grams of a white powdery substance, and a baggy containing a green leafy substance, reports stated. Police also found cigarette rolling papers, several plastic bags, a small scale and a plastic straw cut to a four inch length. All of the items were found in Yu's room, most inside his desk.

Yu's roommates released voluntary statements to police. One roommate wrote: "I have seen Allen under the influence of drugs constantly, as long as I have known him," reports stated.

His other roommate wrote: "It is my belief that he sells cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy for the Sky View Apartment complex," reports stated.

Yu was arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine, drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana, reports stated. He was taken to Pima County Jail.

A woman called police after someone stole $1.50 from her vehicle parked on campus, reports stated.

The UA employee was parked on 1236 N. Warren Ave. She left her vehicle at 10 a.m. and when she returned at 5 p.m., she noticed the back window of her 1990 Jeep Cherokee was smashed. She told police that she didn't notice anything missing, except the $1.50 in change. Police were unable to find any fingerprints and did not take photographs of the damages.

The employee was told to contact UAPD if she noticed any other possessions missing.

University police went to a house near their station, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, 1429 N. Cherry Ave., Saturday night when they saw a fire, reports stated.

Officers saw the fire in the courtyard on the east side of the fraternity house. Officers spoke with a member of the fraternity, who denied any knowledge of how the fire began, but suggested that some fraternity alumni set some pallets on fire as a prank. He told officers that the pallets had no monetary value.

The Tucson Fire Department put the fire out and told the fraternity members that they would be charged for city violations if they had to return later that night.

A Tucson man was arrested Sunday morning after police caught him trespassing at a local gas station.

An employee at the Texaco Service Station, 501 N. Park Ave., called police after a customer became loud and unruly. He told officers that the man had also repeatedly asked customers for money.

Police arrived at the gas station and spoke with David Akey, 48, of the 1200 block of East Seventh Street. They told him that he was not to return to the gas station or he would be charged with trespassing.

Less than two hours later, an employee from the Texaco Service Station called police, saying that Atkey had returned to the store.

Police arrested him on suspicion of trespassing at the request of the Texaco manager, reports stated. He was searched at taken to Pima Country Jail.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.