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Thursday November 16, 2000

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Employee charged with murder has rights too

"Innocent until proven guilty" is a rule that's hard to justify in many people's minds-especially when the person under question could be guilty of murder.

But the constitutional provision is one that needs to be observed. And as much controversy as it may foment to allow Ralph David McCormick, a man suspected of murdering his wife, to continue his job as UA Facilities Management Office Specialist, it is his civil right to do so.

McCormick's wife was murdered in August. Her attacker beat her to death with a baseball bat, and then burned her.

McCormick has no prior record of any kind of criminal offense. He will probably be released on bail, since last week Pima County Superior Court Judge Leslie Miller reduced his bond from $1 million to $250,000. McCormick owns that amount in property value.

If he is releaseed on bail, he will undoubtedly face pressure when he tries to return to work.

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