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Friday November 17, 2000

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Best present would be to lower tuition

It's that time of year again. Arizona's state universities begin asking for funding, in the form of tuition increases, like three big kiddies asking for Christmas presents. And, as the familiar refrain goes, "But, Mom, Dad, I really need a Super-Duper Whiz-Bang Dilly-bob with glow-in-the-dark paint and flashing lights!" Can you just hear President Peter Likins? "But ABOR, I really need students to give me $700 more each!" But does he? Do the universities really need a tuition increase above and beyond the rate of inflation?

Some Arizona Board of Regents members seem to think so. Last year, Hank Amos and some other ABOR members indicated that they are not vehemently opposed to a large tuition increase. Hell, they may not even be opposed to it all. Last year, the universities' presidents asked for $100 tuition increase. Of course, students insisted otherwise, but ABOR still handed over an $84 increase.

"Well, maybe if you're really good, Petey, Santa will bring you a Super-Duper glow-in-the-dark whatever."

So the universities think they need more tuition money, and ABOR thinks they need more tuition money, and maybe even the state legislature thinks so. But, they're not gonna give it to us. We had to fight those tightwads for every penny we got, so it's safe to assume they don't want to give us any money - especially now that Proposition 301 has passed.

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