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Wednesday November 22, 2000

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Governor's task force recommends $739 in-state tuition increase

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Proposal must be passed by Regents before taking effect

In what could be the beginning of a wave of requests for a large tuition increase, the governor's task force released a report recommending in-state tuition increase $739 during the next three to five years.

If the Arizona Board of Regents agrees with the recommendation, in-state tuition would increase from $2,259 to $2,998 a year. However, they do not meet to discuss tuition until the spring, said Matthew Ortega, Regents assistant executive director for public affairs.

"All the task force recommendations are very preliminary," Ortega said. "Tomorrow, tuition is not going to go up a little higher."

The task force wants higher tuition to fund programs such as optics at the University of Arizona and water engineering at Arizona State University, said Francie Noyes, the governor's press secretary.

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