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Wednesday November 22, 2000

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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A student was arrested Monday afternoon on campus after he drew a penis on city property, reports stated.

A parking and transportation officer was at East First Street and North Tyndall Avenue when he saw a man writing on a construction barricade. The man then left the scene in a white car. The parking officer called police and alerted them of the situation and the direction that the man left.

Police caught up with a white vehicle on North Euclid Avenue and East Second Street. They spoke with the driver, Geoffrey Healy, 20, of the 700 block of North Park Avenue.

Officers were worried that Healy might be carrying a weapon. They asked him to empty his pockets. Healy pulled out a permanent black marker. Police asked him if he had written on any property that did not belong to him today.

When police questioned Healy about the incident, he admitted to drawing a penis on the barricade and said, "I make myself laugh and I get a kick out of it. It helps me escape."

Police told him that he should talk to someone about his feelings. He said, "Why? No one listens. Talking does no good. I'm done with this. I'm tired of getting dicked by the university," reports stated.

Healy was cited and released on suspicion of criminal damage. Police suggested that he utilized other methods of voicing his frustrations without causing damage to other people's property.

A UA student's vehicle was stolen Monday afternoon from a campus parking lot, reports stated.

The student parked his Dodge Stratus at the Aerospace and Mechanical building, 1130 N. Mountain Ave., at 11 a.m. When he returned at 5 p.m., his car was gone. He told officers that he locked his car. Officers found no broken glass at the scene and do not know how the car was stolen.

The student told police that no one would borrow his car without telling him. Neither fingerprints nor photographs were taken at the crime scene. There are no suspects and no evidence at this time.

A student lost his key rings and keys at a fraternity house early Sunday morning, reports stated.

The student told officers Monday morning that he was at the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house, 1449 N. Cherry Ave., over the weekend. He gave his keys and key ring to a person who he did not know at the house. That person then gave the student's keys to another person. The student told officers that he does not know the identity of either person.

The student left the house without his keys. He believes that either person left the fraternity house and forgot that they had his keys.

The student told officers that he tried calling the fraternity but they told him that they have no knowledge of any lost keys, reports stated.

A student went to the UAPD station Monday afternoon after his vehicle was stolen from a UA parking lot, reports stated.

The student parked his truck in a Zone 1 lot on North Cherry Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard at 1 p.m. When he returned to the parking lot, his vehicle was gone.

He told officers that he had locked his vehicle, and does not know how anybody could have broken in. The truck is worth $10,000. The student also told officers that there were tools, a parking pass, and compact discs in his truck.

There are no suspects or evidence at this time.

A vehicle was vandalized over the weekend outside of the Risk Management building, 1610 N. Vine Ave., reports stated.

The UA employee told police that he parked his vehicle on the south side of the building. Police went to the scene and saw that the rear passenger seat window had been damaged. Officers found a rock on the floorboard of the vehicle. The window was shattered with a six-inch hole in the middle.

Photographs were taken of the vehicle. There are no suspects and no evidence at this time, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police department reports.