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Wednesday November 22, 2000

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Letters to the Editor

Volleyball team deserves respect

To the editor,

Thank you for the sport page coverage of the UA women's volleyball team's win over ASU for the PAC-10 champions title. However, I am sorely disappointed that the team's great achievement was not honored with a front page headline. Instead, I was treated with a less celebratory news of Loren Wood with his sorry-looking picture shot for some suspension that no one has any real idea why. This is the first in a long time that the UA women's VB program is getting some national notice in a very, very popular sport attended by hundreds of UA fans and Tucson community, young and old alike. Their rise to the top has been long and fought over the years. Now that they are at the top of their game, there is an awesome possibility that they will win the NCAA championships. And even after this season, I have a feeling that the best is yet to come. But until then, I hope that the Arizona Daily Wildcat will find the wisdom to give the UA women's volleyball team the proper respect that they deserve.

Richard Agnes

Chemistry graduate student

301 money should pay teachers

To the editor,

Proposition 301 was designed to improve education for the children of Arizona since we currently rank at or near the bottom in many categories. It was not passed for more medical research or to dig more holes in the campus.

The reason that 46% of the voters opposed it is because they were suspicious that not all the money would reach the kids. Every penny of the $50 million should be divided among the three colleges of education for the purpose of producing more quality teachers to meet the growing shortage.

John Reidy

Physical education senior

Protesters should be expelled

To the editor,

As an employee on campus, and more importantly as a taxpayer in this great state, I am outraged with the conduct displayed by the protesters on Nov. 9. The disrespect they exhibited toward students and staff was manifested with the lack of support and the negative comments directed toward them from the spectators and student body.

What a joke it was reading Rachel Wilson's letter trying to weakly and vainly, attempt to justify her group's position. If she and her group want to make a difference, why not go to the countries with low living and labor standards and protest there. Perhaps by chaining yourselves to a Nike building in some third world country you will go farther in making your point than your feeble attempt to make a point here.

I can only hope that the dean's office throws you out of school!

Octavio Barcelo

University Police Sergeant

Comic not funny

To the editor,

I would like to make a comment about the "Hot Dog Stand" comic. I just want to say that it really isn't funny. I've read it everyday since it has been up, it isn't funny one bit! Why don't you get someone else to make a comic, a monkey would probably be funnier than him.

Susan A. Jones