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Thursday November 30, 2000

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KAMP radio survey helps marketing

By Benjamin Kim

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Station waits to apply for low-power FM, delays expected

Responding to a recent KAMP radio survey taken at residence halls, the on-campus radio station plans to change some marketing strategies while awaiting news for getting a frequency on the FM band.

KAMP was able to determine some trends among student listeners on campus from the station's survey conducted in early November, said Michelle Black, KAMP general manager.

More than 60 percent of students who responded listen to KAMP through a television, while only five percent said they listen through the Internet.

"TV is the easiest way to listen to KAMP right now," said Black, a speech and hearing sciences junior.

She also said students are more likely to listen at night. About a quarter of the respondents said they listened to the station from 6 p.m. to midnight.

"A lot more students are listening than we thought there were," said Shannon Simpson, station marketing director.

"We have a strong campus presence, but it can be improved," Simpson said, a marketing junior.

The survey could help change some marketing strategies, Black said. One of these includes placing more fliers in classrooms next semester.

About 270 surveys were collected after more than 5,000 were sent to students living at residence halls, Black said.

"I think the survey turnout is good for a radio station that's not on the radio," she said. "People still do listen, even though it's not as accessible."

The survey targeted on-campus residents because they make up most of the station's listeners, Black said.

Since last year, KAMP has not had a frequency on the AM band because nearby stations caused too much interference with its signal, Black said.

However, students living in the residence halls listen to KAMP programs on channel 20 and on channel 3 when movies are not playing. People can also listen by streaming MP3 on their Web site,

In February, the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to allow Arizona stations to apply for low power FM signals. However, this option could likely be delayed indefinitely, said Mike Camarillo, KAMP adviser.

"It's kind of out of our hands, but KAMP is ready, and the students are ready to apply (for LPFM) as soon as they open the window," said Mark Woodhams, director of Arizona Student Media.

Low-power FM signals cover a three to five-mile radius and will be used only by community or non-profit stations.

Pending a decision by the FCC and short delays, KAMP could have an low-power FM signal within the next two years, Camarillo said.

Benjamin Kim can be reached at