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Thursday November 30, 2000

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ASUA elections go online

By Maya Schechter

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Two new Appropriations Board members appointed

Rather than having to vote for their student-government leaders at polling locations on campus, during the next ASUA election, UA students will be able to cast their vote online for the first time ever.

At the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senate meeting last night, Joe Rodgers, election commissioner, presented an updated election code proposal to the senators, where he explained the rules and regulations of online voting.

ASUA holds its annual elections every spring for the students to elect their leaders. Past polling sites included Harvill building, Park Student Union, and the Student Recreation Center.

But this spring, those polling locations will be completely eliminated because all voting will be done online, through the Student Link.

"It's quicker, faster, and more modern than the old elections," Rodgers said.

While most of the senators favored the new election code, a few expressed their concerns about the security and accuracy of the elections, and the possibility of a network crash or ethernet connection lapse.

"I am all for online voting, however since this is the first year, I recommend that you add a contingency to the code," Sen. Matt Bailey said to Rodgers. "I'd rather be safe than sorry."

After discussing the different changes in election regulations for nearly an hour, Sen. Kristel Miller suggested the motion be postponed so the senators could read over the proposal and make suggestions at the next meeting.

"We are beating a dead horse," Miller said, to which the Senate agreed and voted to strike the motion.

In other business, the senators approved a change in the ASUA Appropriations Board's bylaws, which increased the number of members from seven to nine.

Executive Vice President Erick Negri, who appointed the two new members, said that the addition would benefit both the board members and campus clubs who have requested funding from ASUA.

"(They) are highly qualified and a great asset to our Appropriations Board," Negri said about Ken Tierney, a business economics and business management junior, and Josh Maxwell, a political science and philosophy sophomore.

The Senate also approved the Appropriations Board's consent agenda for $4,661.84, for club funding to six campus clubs.

Two clubs received their initial funding for supplies and advertisement - the International Club was given $197.84 and Primus Freshman Honorary received $100.

Camp Wildcat received a $1992.50 funding for their "Big Camp," which will be held this weekend. The money will pay for their campsite rental, transportation and wood.

Maya Schechter can be reached at