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Wednesday February 7, 2001

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CD Review: Greyhound Soul

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By Kate VonderPorten

Greyhound Soul

Alma De Galgo

(808 Records)

Grade: A

Those who prefer saccharine-infused pop, read no further.

Raspy vocals and whiskey-drenched ballads of love and longing flavor local band Greyhound Soul's new album, Alma De Galgo.

The much anticipated sophomore release following Freaks, Alma De Galgo is a fresh, hip take on an old-school blues tradition that will remind the listener of the best of Neil Young and Tom Waits, but with an added sexy exuberance.

The new disc presents an older blues style with young, hip, high-energy life-blood. Lead singer Joe Peľa's raspy voice is capable of both sweet ballads and fast, rough rides. The band members' orchestrations deftly complement Peľa's voice with subtle drum lines and rich guitar riffs.

Tracks such as "Walk Away" and "Alligator Face" among others provide a wide variety of musical range. From screams to whispers, this album has the full vocal spectrum. With lyrics like "just singing from the radio drinking with our friends" on "Whole," Alma De Galgo is definitely radio-ready. The band has many songs that have the making of top ten hits. Let's give Creed a rest and Greyhound Soul a chance.

Alma De Galgo delivers standard blues structures with a hard-edged, Dylan-esque country flavor reminiscent of the Counting Crows.

An important disclaimer - Greyhound Soul is not just another local jam or cover band. Like spinach does to Popeye, strong lyrical and technical mastery gives this album its arm.

Greyhound Soul's music collapses binary oppositions - rough but smooth, passionate but infused with loss, bitter but oh so sweet.