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Guest Commentary: The evil corporate world we live in: letter to Psycho Dave

Editor's note: In case you hadn't noticed, there's a campuswide dispute over the "coolness" of Sugar Ray's performance at Centennial Hall tonight. KAMP DJ Psycho Dave (aka David Roberts) has waged a one-man war against the band and the University Activities Board that presents Sugar Ray to the university, using the letters to the editor section of the Wildcat as a forum. Roberts intends to protest the show. The Arts section gives his opposition one last chance to defend itself before the big event. ~ A.O.

By Dan Howarth
University of Arizona alumnus
Member of Sunday Afternoon, Sugar Ray's opening band
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday Feb. 19, 2002

David Roberts, there is no need for your uncouth, egocentric opinions interrupting a social event in which more than 2,000 of your peers will have fun. Sorry, but Sugar Ray is coming to town, and they're bringing the evil corporate world's predetermined definitions of "cool" and "hip" with them.

In the Feb. 15 edition of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, Roberts stated in a letter that he "got an earful of that crap in high school" and that he's "sick of hearing about it in college." Roberts, are you unhappy that your interpretation of cool is not the same as that of MTV? You express that you are "sick and tired of being told what is cool and what isn't." So you're organizing a protest? Really?

You say your protest is "to shout at the people who are forcing this b.s. down our throats. 'We are sick and tired of it and we are not going to take it anymore.'" Gosh, Roberts, if you don't like the b.s., then why do you live in MTV's America? Why do you participate in this corporate-driven society at all?

Realize that you live in a corporate-dominated world and that everything you interact with on a daily basis was established by some big, bad corporation. Sugar Ray represents the corporate world no more than you do, Roberts, by allowing your teeth to be brushed in the morning by the evil corporate chemicals of Colgate. Roberts, your attitude is what keeps you from participating in this corporate world with a smile, and as MTV tells us - it's the cool people who smile.

I hear Afghanistan is quite lovely this time of year. Perhaps Nike and Disney won't dig in for a few more years, and if you leave now, you could catch some rays before Microsoft buys all the local sunshine. (Oh, and the anti-paranoia prescriptions are now available from your family doctor and all corporate healthcare programs).

Roberts asks for a letter of apology from the promoters of the Sugar Ray concert? Roberts, you are a disgrace to this community and your efforts at organizing a protest are an embarrassment to poetic terrorism. Peacefully (and quietly) respect that other individuals in this world wish to enjoy themselves at an event that you may or may not agree with. You work for KAMP radio, study at the University of Arizona, presumably buy CDs, hopefully wear clothes and eat food please tell me you have some sort of excuse note that allows you to practice your radical anti-corporate views while consuming the fruits of corporate capitalism.

According to Roberts, Sugar Ray is a "talentless band of pretty boys" - perhaps the University Activities Board should ask Roberts which band to book next time? Then it would be OK, right? Is Sugar Ray evil? Do they threaten your bubble, Roberts? Will your life be immediately affected because of this concert? Is (Sugar Ray lead singer) Mark McGrath going to call you "uncool" between songs because he was ordered to do so in a secret corporate meeting with MTV? Why do you wish death upon him?

Personally, I'm very pleased to see UAB producing a show for the community to enjoy. It's rare enough that any college-age act comes to our town. We can't afford to have such events spoiled by unintelligent, crude slop from the likes of Roberts further isolating Tucson from the national entertainment scene. If I remember correctly, the largest-selling concert in Tucson last year was Ozzy (Osbourne). How many of the Wildcats' bazillion readers went to the Ozzy show, and how many have driven out of town at least once last year (if not more) to see the Dave Matthews Band?

You are a peon, making a stand against a thing needing no opposition, in order that you feel better about your own high-school insecurity. Roberts, keep your internal squabbles to yourself and let the world have a good time.

You are sorry.


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