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Club Sports Notes

By Eric Cohen
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday Feb. 27, 2002

Icers cap strong season with a win

The Arizona Women's Hockey team ended its season on a high note this weekend.

Behind the stellar performance of goalie Arianne Semar, the Wildcat Icers defeated the Phoenix Inferno 4-0 on Saturday and 4-1 on Sunday.

For the second half of the season, Arizona finished with an almost perfect 14-1 record.

Originally, a game against Denver was planned for Sunday but has been replaced with an exhibition game pitting the Icers against its coaches and friends.

The game will take place Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Gateway Ice Center.

Women's lacrosse falters on defense, loses to UCSB

The Arizona women's lacrosse team dropped its third game of the season, 11-5 to the University of California Santa Barbara at Laxcat Field on Sunday.

After dominating defensively for the first 10 minutes of the game, the Wildcats got on the board on a backhand shot from near the crease by sophomore co-captain Elizabeth Shorty.

Minutes later, Shorty also netted the second goal for Arizona off an assist by sophomore Heather Forchetti. The third and final goal of the first half was scored on a rebound by another sophomore, Kim Flately.

Flately and freshman Nadia Mercer scored in the second half for the Wildcats, but the defense was spotty and UCSB capitalized on most of its scoring opportunities.

Arizona head coach Beth Duschatko said the team defense was faulty despite solid individual play.

"Each defender played excellent individual 'body' defense, but on the whole, they were really lacking on the team defense," Duschatko said. "That created a lot of opportunities for the other team, most of which they capitalized on."

Duschatko also pointed out the hustle by sophomores Mary Arbuthnot and Sam Denecke and the goaltending of senior Kim McDonough.

Duschatko said she feels the team is better than its 1-3 record might indicate.

"This team has an enormous amount of potential and just needs to learn how to capitalize on the mistakes of others," she said.

The Wildcats travel to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this weekend for a two-game series.

Ultimate Frisbee travels to New Mexico

The Arizona Ultimate Frisbee team, Sunburn, is headed to Albuquerque this weekend for the 12-team Green Chili Fest Tournament.

After a team record 12-0 start at the beginning of the season, the Sunburn ran into the top-ranked teams in the nation and went 4-4 over President's Day weekend in San Diego.

"We have a very deep bench this year," sophomore team captain Kelly Swiryn said. "And everyone on the team is going to get a lot of experience this weekend. At the same time, though, we have high expectations to win every game and that's a new kind of pressure this team hasn't felt before."

Ultimate Frisbee is played on a field similar to that of a football field. A player may not run with the Frisbee, but instead, they run to get open.

After catching the disc, the player must stop and pass it to a teammate. Passes can be in any direction, like soccer, and any pass not completed is a turnover. A completion in the endzone is worth one point, and most games are played to 13 or 15 points.


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