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Letters to the Editor


Thursday September 6, 2001

Lee column refreshing

Our student body was in desperate need for the commentary written by Jessica Lee, "The Best Deal in Town." It was refreshing to see that someone actually took the time to investigate what the UofA Bookstore has to offer students, instead of automatically assuming that the store is involved in a conspiracy to make the lives of financially strapped students even more stressful.

Ms. Lee's article brought to light the fact that the UofA Bookstore is a leader among other bookstores as their books and supplies are well stocked and they are prepared to handle the needs of students while maintaining competitive prices. Not many people are aware of the UofA Bookstore's generosity and willingness to contribute to the well-being of the student body.

I can't name all of the bookstores, local or not, that care enough or are able to set aside large sums of their annual revenue towards funding for the University's student government and related programs and services (including the Escort service and Spring Fling) or to make sure that construction on campus keeps coming closer to an end.

I can name one bookstore that can and does give back to the collective student body without increasing the prices of their products: the UofA Bookstore. So, maybe it's time for students to quit passing negative judgment on the UofA Bookstore and support it instead - just like it supports us.

Sarah Whicker

environmental sciences junior

Armstrong column right on

Dear Mr. Armstrong, I just wanted to tell you that you were right on in your excellent commentary today. It's hard to believe that for as long as the MDA has been in existence, they are not closer to finding any cures. While I believe the MDA is an excellent organization for the help that they provide (although I feel that the Shriner's Hospital has provided as much help to my two younger cousins as the MDA has), it is clear that it is primarily a service organization, not a research organization.

Even more cynically, one could say that there are many people that have a vested interest in a cure never being found; witness their Taj Mahal national headquarters in our northern end of town. I have often wondered why there isn't a greater urgency on behalf of the MDA and their research institutions to find a cure.

You also nailed it describing how "trendier" illnesses have taken the forefront in research time and money. Finding cures for AIDS, Parkinson's and other diseases are noble and necessary causes. But it is wrong to base research efforts on who has the more fashionable spokespeople. The saddest thing about muscular dystrophy being a relic from the past is that it most definitely is not.

Tom Nuño

graduate student

Bookstore not the 'best deal' in the end

In response to the article, "The Best Deal in Town," Jessica Lee failed to mention that while the "deal" students get when first purchasing textbooks may be the best deal in town, the "deal" we get when we sell them back certainly is not. After spending some $296 on textbooks at the beginning of last semester, I received a whopping $24 at the end. And the great "deals" we get on those class notes; not having to buy the book because it's copied, becomes an even better "deal" when they tell you, "We can't buy those back." Is it too much to ask the bookstores to limit their profits on used books to under1,000 percent and give a little back to students?

Mark McMahon

media arts senior

Legally blind Tucsonan needs SunTran to run

I am guessing that most students live within walking distance of campus or drive. As a legally blind person, I am dependent on public transportation, charity, or walking to get from one place to another. I understand that walking is great exercise and a good way to meditate as well.

However, to walk to the main campus from Grant and Oracle is rather time consuming. I certainly don't begrudge the working man a living wage, but I need those buses to be running!

Cletis Beegel



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