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Zsa Zsas at 'War' with VH1

Headline Photo
Photo courtesy of the Zsa Zsa's

The Zsa Zsa's will be performing at the Rialto Theatre Friday at 8 p.m.

By Adam Pugh

Thursday September 6, 2001

High school music students aspire to be in rock bands covering songs by their favorite artists. The Zsa Zsas, on the other hand, have made it their mission to make other people's music their own - and better. That is why such a big fuss is being made about a recent show the group played on VH1's new television series "Cover Wars."

The show is set up with three cover bands playing against one another for a big musical prize of instruments and cash. What was unclear about the event was how the results turned out, or which band won the contest. After the show aired, viewers made their own decision about the results on VH1's Web site - many citing incorrect judging by the three-person panel of celebrity referees.

"We played masterfully, but there was lots of footage edited out of show," said Fredrich Sucrose, the Zsa Zsas' bongo player.

The Zsa Zsas will appear Friday at the Rialto Theatre at 318 E. Congress at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door.

The confusion stems from what many have blamed on faulty voting, thus spurring backlash at "Cover Wars" and VH1. Instead of taking a legal approach to the problem, the band has decided to put on a show this Friday night at the Rialto Theatre at 318 E. Congress to clear up the controversy.

"'Cover Wars was a total fraud, so we are going to blow the scandal and controversy surrounding the show wide open," said Jack Vaughn, the group's manager. "We will be rebroadcasting the show live and go over step-by-step why it was a sham."

Along with the rebroadcast, the Zsa Zsas will perform and also have a Sebastian Bach look-alike contest. Bach, ex-singer for Skid Row, was one of the judges on the "Cover Wars" show and is rumored to be making an appearance at Friday's concert to answer to the band.

The group has been together in Tucson for 10 years and hails from Lataslavia in Eastern Europe. Each member is a part of the Sucrose family.

"There is mass confusion about whose father is whose, but we are generally regarded as coming from the same family," said Fredrich. "We come from a very friendly and close-knit society."

The past few years have been a big success for the band locally; they consistently sell out when they play Club Congress.

"The Zsa Zsas have been breaking the local attendance record for the past year," Vaughn said. "But this Friday is going to be our biggest show ever."

Instead of recording a demo tape for fans, the group is currently at work on a video. They are taking footage from all of their recent U.S. tours.

"The video is of all of our greatest hits from all over the world," said Fredrich. "There will be many celebrities on the video and lots of testosterone and pyroglyphics."

The band has attracted its many fans from all over the city with its impressive live performances. The last show the group played was a benefit before the group's appearance on VH1's "Cover Wars."

"The benefit was for us - New York is (an) expensive city," Fredrich said.

The desire to topple VH1 and "Cover Wars" is now the third point of the trifecta of goals for the band.

The other two goals?

"To bring Las Vegas-style entertainment to America," Fredreich said. "...and make lots of dough."


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