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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday Apr. 30, 2002

High-voltage power supplies were stolen from a UA laboratory between April 6 and April 24, reports stated.

An employee at the Advanced Subsurfacing and Imaging Laboratory, 11415 W. Ajo Way, told police that two fences had been cut and that random items had been strewn along the ground.

Police found that the southeast barbed wire fence had been cut and pulled, leaving a large opening. Police didnāt see any tire marks or footprints near the area, reports stated.

The employee isnāt sure exactly what was taken from the lab but did say that he would call police when they find out which items are missing, reports stated.

There are no suspects or witnesses.

Police noticed a parking garage arm had been badly damaged Sunday and was left on the ground, reports stated.

Officers were driving through the historical society section of the Main Gate Garage, 815 E. Second St., when they saw the broken arm.

Police told Parking and Transportation Services about the incident.

The cost of the arm is unknown and there are no suspects or witnesses.

A studentās bike was stolen from a campus building Sunday afternoon, reports stated.

The student said he locked his mountain bike through the frame and tire to the racks at the Center for Computing and Information Technology, 1077 N. Highland Ave., at 3:30 p.m.

When he returned to the racks two hours later, both items were gone. He told officers he would call them when he finds the bikeās serial number.

The Joseph Wood Krutch cactus garden was toilet-papered early Sunday morning, reports stated.

Several rolls of toilet paper and paper towels were used to wrap the cacti and other foliage at the cactus garden, 1400 E. University Blvd.

Officers believe the vandalism occurred before 5:40 a.m., reports stated.

There are no suspects or witnesses. Police passed the information on to custodial crews.

A member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity called police Sunday morning when a man threatened him over the phone, reports stated.

The DTD member said he received a phone call at 3:15 a.m. The caller said that he was from ćPikeä and told the member not to call back any of the Pike pledges. The man also threatened bodily harm to the student, reports stated.

The DTD member told officers that the same man called back two minutes later and questioned why a recent DTD resident was kicked out of the house. After asking about the ex-member, the man threatened the student with a gun.

The student told police that he believed the member who was kicked out of the house was having other people call the DTD house and harass members.

The student said that he did not recognize the voice and that attempts to trace the calls were unsuccessful.

The student wanted the incident documented in case there are other problems, reports stated.

A Residence Life garbage can was on fire Sunday morning, reports stated.

The Tucson Fire Department told officers that fire in the 4-foot plastic garbage can was nearly out when they arrived at the scene, 1018 E. South Campus Drive. TFD said it doesnāt know how the blaze started and that there are no obvious signs of arson.

The can was completely destroyed. There are no suspects or witnesses.

A softball-sized rock was thrown through the window of a UA vehicle over the weekend, reports stated.

The vehicle was parked at 1 a.m., Saturday, at 13334 E. Helen St. UA Fire safety employees told police that they found a shattered window and a rock when they returned to the vehicle the next day.

No items were missing from the car. The employees said that other Fire safety vehicles have been vandalized recently.

There are no suspects or witnesses.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumŽ can be found at


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