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Getting őJealous‚ of music

Photo Courtesy of Sunday‚s Best

Sunday‚s Best will open for The Jealous Sound on Saturday night at Skrappy‚s new location, 831 E. 17th St. For more information go to

By Jessica Suarez
Arizona Summer Wildcat
Wednesday July 10, 2002

The Jealous Sound and Sunday‚s Best play the kind of music your best friend would put on a mix tape for you if they were trying to find a way to tell you they liked you. While each band sounds different musically, the feeling is similar; while all the songs might not be about love, you get the feeling that they‚re love songs.

Both bands ų who will play together July 13 at Skrappy‚s, 831 E. 17 th St. ų share more than a couple of tour dates and a penchant for heartbreak songs. Sunday‚s Best member Pedro Benito left the band to join The Jealous Sound.

While a member‚s jumping ship for a band‚s touring mates might cause tension in some bands, Sunday‚s Best drummer and „knob twiddlerš (that‚s producer) Tom Ackerman doesn‚t think it causes much rivalry.

„Well it doesn‚t create a band rivalry per se because there‚s 4 people who aren‚t even involved: James in Sunday‚s Best, and Blair, John and Michel from the J.Sound,š said Ackerman.

„But if you are asking me, hell yes I‚m competitive. I plan to show up and out-rock that Pedro kid. I mean, you will see that I‚m restrained by a drum set and a mellower musical set, but come and tell me after you‚ve watched both of us play who plays harder and who has an őA-game,‚š he said.

A mellower sound is what separates The Jealous Sound from Sunday‚s Best. While their debut album Poised to Break, was closer to straightforward emo, their latest album, The Californian, more closely resembles the work of introspective singer-songwriters like Dashboard Confessional and Elliot Smith.

The Jealous Sound who have so far released a self-titled 5-song EP, sound a little more rock than Sunday‚s Best, which one can probably attribute to The Jealous Sound‚s vocalist and songwriter, Blair Sheehan, founder of the well known indie rock band Knapsack.

Being labeled an emo band never bothered Ackerman anyway, who takes such labels in stride.

„You can‚t really help how people choose to categorize you,š he said. „Whether or not I object to the label or not is not going to change who comes out to see us. I don‚t care really.š

In fact, „emo,š which is short for „emotional,š has described hundreds of bands with seemingly nothing in common. Bands from Sunny Day Real Estate and Weezer to Onelinedrawing and Jimmy Eat World, who don‚t have much in common stylistically, have all fallen prey to the industry‚s need to label and classify bands. Ackerman, however, takes this categorization in stride.

„Generalizations make the world go round,š he said. „At least now we‚ll get a section in the record store, after „drum and bassš and before „grunge.š

And do members of The Californian like the idea of visiting Tucson this time around?

„We‚ve played both Nita‚s Hideaway and Modified in Phoenix-Tempe and that‚s it for AZ. We‚re excited to be back because it‚s been awhile and we‚re really proud of our new CD,š said Ackerman.

As far as describing what the CD sounds like, Ackerman stays away from making generalizations.

„I wouldn‚t. That‚s not my job. I just play,š he said.


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