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By David Halperin
Arizona Summer Wildcat
Wednesday July 17, 2002

An employee reported on July 10, that he has received more than 20 harassing letters at his workplace from a former student, reports stated.

The employee told police the letters were from a student who was in his class six years ago. He told officers the letters were not threatening but were annoying and embarrassing.

The former student left a letter written on a painted canvas above the employee‚s door on May 18. The employee said a month passed before he was able to take the canvas down.

Police asked the employee if he had a romantic relationship with the student. The employee said he had not, and that he had given her no reason to believe they were in a romantic relationship.

A portion of the letter on the canvas read, „I wanted to tell you that you finally destroyed my desire to be an artist,š reports stated.

The employee said the former student came into his class this past May to say hello and he told her to not to bother him in the future.

Police informed the employee how to obtain an order of protection, reports stated.

An employee reported Thursday that between July 5 and July 7, someone wrote two fraudulent University of Arizona checks, which contained the correct magnetic ink character recognition numbers, reports stated.

Police contacted the employee who said he had been contacted by a Wells Fargo bank representative who reported receiving two UA checks that were „unusual looking.š The representative was about to deduct the written checks from the UA account.

The Wells Fargo employee had faxed a copy of the checks to the UA employee. The UA employee told officers the face of the two checks did not look anything like original UA checks, and that no checks had been stolen from the UA. However, the employee said the checks did contain the appropriate magnetic ink character recognition numbers for the UA account.

The two checks had been used for purchases at a Safeway grocery store, and Sprint PCS.

A records check of a name on one of the checks showed a driver‚s license number different than the one written on the check.

The UA employee said he did not suspect anyone, but believes there are more fraudulent checks in circulation.

He said he and the Wells Fargo representative were working together to make sure the UA account would not be charged, reports stated.

Three men were arrested Friday after one of the men stole items from a the bookstore, reports stated.

At about 9 a.m., an employee at the UofA Bookstore, 1303 E. University Blvd., reported a man had just shoplifted two pairs of shorts and a T-shirt from the store, and was leaving in a truck.

Officers responded to the area, and saw the suspect‚s truck going northbound on North Park Avenue at East Second Street. Police stopped the truck and had the three men inside exit the vehicle. Police patted down the men and found one had a folding knife.

The bookstore employee arrived, identified one of the men as the shoplifter, and said the store wanted to press charges.

Police found the stolen items in the vehicle. Officers asked the 39-year-old man why he went to the bookstore.

„To steal stuff so I could sell them to get money for food,š the man replied.

Police arrested the man for shoplifting and conspiracy, reports stated.

Another officer searching the truck, found a glass pipe in an ashtray and a metal rod that is commonly used to push crack into a pipe on the dashboard.

The driver of the truck, a 49-year-old man, said the pipe belonged to him. Police arrested the man for possession of drug paraphernalia and facilitation for driving the truck to aid in the other man‚s shoplifting.

Another passenger, a 42 year-old man, had two outstanding warrants with the Tucson Police Department for shoplifting and possession of narcotics.

All of the men were taken to Pima County Jail and released pending trial, reports stated.

Weekly Round up

Larceny-Bicycles: 12
Traffic Violations: 9
Traffic Accidents: 10
Larceny- from Building Open to the Public: 4
Fraud: 2
Larceny-from Motor Vehicle: 3

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumé can be found at


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