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Police Beat

Jeff Sklar

Thursday September 13, 2001

A metal parking sign was stolen from a university parking lot Friday evening, reports stated.

The sign, which read, "Lot Reserved for Saturday, September 8, 2001," was stolen from Lot 6101 at East Sixth Street and North Campbell Avenue. A person reported the suspects were in a green Ford Explorer with a possible New Jersey license plate of "JUZG9W."

Three of the suspects were described as white males, and the fourth was a white female. One of the white males, who was wearing jeans, a white muscle shirt and baseball cap, actually stole the sign, reports stated.

The suspect vehicle was last seen heading eastbound in the alley just north of East Sixth Street from North Campbell Avenue. A registration check of the New Jersey license plate showed no record found.

A man was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing at Maricopa Residence Hall Friday night, reports stated.

An occupant of the hall called police after seeing a man - clad in only his boxer shorts - washing clothes with a hose in the courtyard of her dorm.

Timothy J. Ryan, 20, said he had just gotten off work at the Star Mart at East Sixth Street and North Park Avenue and was walking home.

He said he saw a hose in the dorm's courtyard and decided to wash his clothes. Because Maricopa Residence Hall has a six-foot wall around it that can only be accessed by students, Ryan jumped the fence.

He was cited for trespassing in a fenced residential yard and released.

A Tucsonan was arrested Saturday evening, for criminal trespassing at Arizona Stadium, reports stated.

Police approached Willie A. Wesley, 37, who was smoking in a non-smoking area of the stadium and directed him to the smoking area. Wesley extinguished the cigarette instead.

A short time later, event staff approached him and asked him to put out his cigarette, but he flicked it onto the field instead. Event staff then asked him to leave the stadium, but he refused.

When police approached him and told him he was being ejected from the stadium, he began shouting and cursing at the officers. Police escorted him from public view and arrested him for criminal trespass. Reports stated that Wesley showed signs of extreme intoxication.

He was cited and released.

A student was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia at La Paz Residence Hall Sunday morning, reports stated.

UAPD responded when another student said he could smell marijuana burning from outside a window. As police approached the room where he suspected the smell to be coming from, a student was walking down the hall to the same room.

Police asked the student if it was his room, and when he replied that it was, officers asked to enter. The student gave him permission, and as he entered, police could smell burning marijuana from the room, reports stated.

Police asked the student's roommate, Jeff Loposer, 19, who was in the room and if he knew why the officer was there, and Loposer said "no." After explaining why he was there, the officer asked him if there was anything he should know about. He replied that there was.

He then removed a yellow pill container from his desk containing 2.4 grams of a green, leafy substance, a foot-and-a-half smoking pipe from under his bed and a five-inch smoking pipe from his backpack. Police then asked Loposer's roommate and his friend from Texas to wait outside and searched the remainder of the room.

Loposer was cited for possession of marijuana and released.

A UA employee reported that a glass-framed case had been pried open at a university building, Sunday.

Esperanza Torres, a custodian at the campus agricultural center, reported seeing a male leaving Campbell Farms, 4101 N. Campbell Ave. She described him as in his mid-20s, with long black hair and a thin build, wearing blue jeans, a gray T-shirt and a white baseball cap.

She then began to search the building and noticed the case - which was located on the north side of the building - had been pried open.

Torres said she did not know of any additional damage and said she would contact the UAPD if she found additional information.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resume can be found at


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