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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano

Monday September 17, 2001

A Tucson man was arrested Tuesday night at a local gas station after spitting on a police officer's face, police reports stated.

Officers were called to the Texaco Star Mart, 501 N. Park Ave., after they received complaints of a man panhandling.

Edward Burgess, 48, of the 700 block of South Second Avenue, matched the description of the panhandler and was questioned by police. Officers put handcuffs on Burgess when he made repeated attempts to leave the scene. Burgess told an officer to "keep your hands off me, white boy, or I will have to hurt you," reports stated.

Police ran a background check and learned that Burgess had several warrants issued for his arrest. When officers searched Burgess, several coins fell out of his pocket. Burgess spat on an officer, striking him on the forehead when he tried to pick up the coins.

Police placed a spit guard over his head and arrested him on two counts of failing to appear in court for drinking alcohol in public, failure to appear in court for urinating in public and threatening and intimidating, reports stated.

Burgess was taken to and booked at Pima County Jail.

A UA student called police Tuesday from a campus residence hall after someone told her that they wanted to "cum on her face," reports stated.

The unknown male first contacted the student via telephone and asked "what are you wearing?" When the student asked the caller who he was, he said "this is Mike, and I want to cum on your face." The student hung up the phone at that time, reports stated.

Two hours later, she received a second call from the same voice. When the student asked the male why he kept calling, he said, "I want you to go to my nude Web site," reports stated.

The student told police that she did not know the caller. Police told her to dial *57 to trace the call. There are no suspects at this time.

A sorority mother called police early Tuesday morning after she noticed a hit-and-run accident near a campus sorority house, reports stated.

The mother saw a tall, blond man get into a car, back into two cars and drive away at the Alpha Chi Omega sorority house, 1775 E. First St. Both cars had dented front fenders with minor scrapes.

A member of the sorority told officers she heard loud voices followed by a revving engine, squealing tires and a loud crash coming from outside her window. She told police that the man was "acting like he was drunk," reports stated.

A Tucson police officer pulled over a vehicle at North Park Avenue and East Adams Street that matched the description of the car involved in the hit-and-run accident.

Tucson police spoke with the driver Chad Rush, 21, of the 400 block of East University Boulevard. They noticed that the fresh dents and scraped to Rush's back fender matched the damage that occurred to the two cars at the Alpha Phi sorority house, 1339 E. First St., reports stated.

Tucson officers suspected that Rush was driving under the influence of alcohol and began a DUI investigation.

University police transported the house mother to the scene of the traffic stop. She identified Rush as the man who caused the damage to the two vehicles in the sorority parking lot.

Rush was taken into the custody of the Tucson Police Department and was booked at Pima County Jail. University police added charges of suspicion of failing to notify an unattended vehicle involved in an accident, reports stated.

A UA student called police Tuesday after his $1,200 bike was stolen from a campus residence hall, reports stated.

The student left his gray mountain bike on the north side of Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., Wednesday afternoon. When he returned the next day, the bike was gone.

He told police that he did not know the serial number to the bike, but did cable-lock the bicycle to the residence hall's bike racks.

There are no suspects and no witnesses at this time.

A UA student called police Wednesday after her bag was stolen while she was sleeping at a campus building, reports stated.

The student told police that she fell asleep at 2 p.m. at the Main Library, 1510 E. Main Ave. When she woke up 30 minutes later, the bag was gone.

The bag contained $230 worth of valuables. The contents included a CatCard, a credit card, a graphing calculator, a textbook and $30 cash.

There are no suspects and no witnesses at this time.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resume can be found at


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