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Viewpoints: Security

By Dan Komyati

Wednesday September 19, 2001

The Wildcat football team isn't the only one drawing up plays for Saturday's game against UNLV.

The UAPD and other organizations involved in security for the game have spent the last week preparing to keep the more than 40,000 fans that are expected at Arizona Stadium safe.

From pre- to postgame, UA Athletic Director Jim Livengood has ensured that the safety of everyone in Arizona Stadium is the foremost priority on Saturday.

"UAPD is definitely a big part of the heightened security, but a lot of on-campus agencies are going to be involved," said Livengood. "I would just hate to think that any UA fan wouldn't come to the football game this Saturday at Arizona Stadium, or any of our other games, because they think their safety might be compromised."

Among the security precautions that officials will take on Saturday include the searching of bags and purses and a much greater visible presence from campus police. While UAPD Commander Brian Seastone refused to go into detail about the increased security, he promised UA fans that there will be, "heightened awareness and greater visibility."

"It's a large undertaking," Livengood said. "It's really trying to take a look at every detail of what we do."

To make sure that none of their plans are compromised, Livengood and the rest of the athletic department won't reveal any specific measures that they plan to take. However, Livengood wanted to make it clear the personnel charged with keeping the fans and the players safe are qualified fore the job.

"We are doing everything we can at this point," Livengood said. "Our campus police have been phenomenal. They're very good at this."

Here is what some UA fans are anticipating as they get ready to support the Wildcats on Saturday:

"Of course it's in the back of your head after what's happened, but at the same time I'm still going to live my life and go out there and have fun. There's nothing you can do to prevent something like that, but you can't hide in your room all day either, so we just have to go on with our lives."

- Ben Kalt, senior, Spanish major

"I'm not really that nervous, there should be a little bit stricter security, but I don't think its that big of a deal. I don't feel completely safe from attack in Tucson because of the air force base, but I don't think that terrorists are looking to strike UA football games."

- Sean Casey, freshman, undeclared

"I just try not to think about it because I'm from New York and I know a lot of people that are there. I think, with having the base here and everything, that there is enough planes flying overhead that we are not going to have a problem with it - hopefully."

- Danielle Kontovas, sophomore, molecular and cellular biology major

"I want to go into sports public relations, and I think that although this whole thing has been terrible, it's really good for sports PR in general. All of the sports teams are getting really patriotic, and I think that football attendance may be helped by it, so I'm looking forward to going."

- Jessica Berkley, junior, communication, Spanish and psychology major


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