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By Kristopher Califano

Wednesday August 22, 2001 |

Two UA students were arrested at a campus residence hall early Monday morning, reports stated.

Police were called to Palm Shadows Apartments, 1815 E. Speedway Blvd., after a resident assistant said he saw resident Michael Nerhus, 18, walking out of his room with an open bottle of alcohol.

The resident assistant went into Nerhus' room to see if there was more alcohol. He noticed a small baggy of a "green leafy" substance and called police, reports stated.

Nerhus allowed officers to search his room and told police, "(The RA) found marijuana and alcohol in my room," reports stated.

Upon entering the room, police found four smoking devices and three small bags of marijuana. The smoking devices included one wooden pipe, two 24-inch smoking pipes, and one 3-foot water pipe, reports stated.

Officers later searched a backpack in Nerhus' room and found another small baggie of marijuana and five bottles of alcohol, reports stated.

Nerhus told police that the backpack belonged to his friend who was sitting outside of the room, Arizona-Sonora resident Michael Giansiracusa, 18.

Police photographed and then poured out the alcohol. Giansiracusa was arrested and released on suspicion of possession of marijuana and of being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Nerhus was arrested and released for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Police recovered a combined 7.3 grams of marijuana between the two students. Officers also accidentally took both students' California identification cards back to their station, reports stated.

Police warned a man not to return to the premises after they saw him digging through a garbage bin near a campus dorm Monday morning, reports stated.

When officers asked the man if he was a student or otherwise affiliated with the university, the man denied any affiliation but did tell police he did not know that the garbage bin belonged to the school.

Officers warned the man that if he continued to trespass on UA property he would be arrested, reports stated.

The man apologized and drove away from Skyview Apartments, 1050 E. Eighth Street.

Police were called after a UA parking gate scraped a Tucson man's car Monday night, reports stated.

The man was leaving through the east exit of Tyndall Avenue Garage, 880 E. Fourth St., when the arm of the parking gate scraped the rear of his vehicle and his attached bike rack.

Parking officials told police that the base of the arm broke on impact.

The Tucson man told officers that he slid his parking pass through the machine and slowly proceeded through the gate when his car was struck. He was exiting slowly because there was approaching traffic, reports stated.

Police referred two students to a UA diversion program after the students admitted to smoking marijuana Monday night at a campus residence hall, reports stated.

A resident assistant called police after he noticed an odor of burning marijuana coming from a room in Palm Shadows Apartments, 1815 E. Speedway Blvd. Police spoke with the two residents and were given permission to search the room.

Upon entering the room, officers discovered two kitchen knives, a "roach clip," 14 pipe screens, a pocket torch and a book, entitled "A Deluxe Marijuana Grower's Guide," reports stated.

Police diverted David Gallindo, 18, and Joseph Villa Gomez, 19, to the UA Dean of Students' Office after they admitted to smoking earlier in the night.

A UA resident assistant called police to a campus dorm room after he noticed an odor of burnt marijuana Monday night, reports stated.

Officers arrived at Navajo Residence Hall, 1557 E. Sixth St., and spoke to one of the students who lived in the dorm room.

Police noticed the odor of marijuana and asked if he could search the student's side of the room. The resident agreed but informed police that he had been burning incense and nobody had been smoking marijuana.

Officers left the residence hall without making an arrest. They were unable to recover any illegal substances, though they noticed a fan was placed on the student's window, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resume can be found at


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