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Letters to the Editor


Wednesday August 22, 2001 |

Lee Column 'absurd'

Well, I knew it wouldn't take long for Jessica Lee to start shooting off her liberal mouth. I am sure all my conservative counterparts on campus were both laughing and shaking their heads when they read (yesterday's) "shrinking world" commentary. Lee is correct when stating that the world is becoming smaller in terms of technology, but her suggestion that we are all going to hate President Bush and march to a liberal tune is absurd!

The University of Arizona is full of people like Ms. Lee. A person cannot walk down the halls where professors have their offices and not see anti-Bush and Republican propaganda plastered to their doors. These are people that deal with theory all their lives yet fail to see the reality. Then Lee goes on and on about Europe, which is socialist. No Republican would be surprised to read that she found more idiots that agree with her politics there.

The problem I have with Lee is very simple. She, like so many other liberals, is too concerned about the perpetuation of the liberal message and not concerned enough about our nation-state. On a final note, I am sure Lee and other liberals were jumping for joy when Senator Jeffords left the GOP. I would like her to know that since 1981, the Grand Old Party has seen 18 Democrats in the federal government switch to the Republican party, and that 25 Democrats on the state and city level have switched since President Bush took office. Yes, the world is shrinking, and the GOP is proudly growing!

Charles A. Peterson

History sophomore

Union generic, devoid of personality

I'm more than a little surprised by the near-unanimous praise for the new student union food court. The fact is, the new food court (specifically the area with the McDonald's, Panda Express, Domino's and On Deck Deli) looks just like you would find in a mall, except (if Monday was any indication) dirtier and with a more homogeneous clientele.

It is lacking in character, has no charm whatsoever, and has nothing that distinguishes it as being set in Tucson or UA. You could pick it up and move it wholesale elsewhere and it would blend in fine.

Furthermore, it continues and enhances the trend of handing off everything in sight to large, national chains. If we couldn't have the old Student Union Dining Service, why couldn't we at least get local chains (e.g. Eegee's) that have some connection to the larger community and to the University?

Instead, we get faceless, large companies that serve a largely unimpressive and undistinguished product that can be had anywhere.

Gordon Zaft

Electrical and Chemical Engineering grad student

Members of electric car team

I wanted to thank you for the support of our project in the Aug. 6 editorial in the Arizona Summer Wildcat. However, there are some errors that have been perpetuated from an earlier article on the team in the Aug. 1 paper. The most important error was that the open class (car) is a gas-solar hybrid. We first saw this error in the Tucson Citizen article on July 25 and this was repeated in all later Citizen articles. It seems your reporter must have gotten her facts from these Citizen articles. The reality is the open class (competition) allows an unlimited budget for solar cell and battery technology, while the Stock Class we ran in is limited to off-the-shelf silicon solar cells and lead acid batteries like those in your car. Some of the Open Class cars cost more than one million dollars, while our car was produced on a much more reasonable budget of around $185,000 and still managed to place ninth overall.

Also, the race is 2,247 miles long, not 2,147 miles as both the Citizen and

Wildcat reported. To give you some figures, our average speed came out to 32 mph. The second place finisher in our class, Stanford, averaged 24 mph, and over the course of the race we finished ahead of them by more than 21 hours. The first-place finisher in the open class, University of Michigan, averaged 40 mph.

Rick Workman

Materials Science and Engineering Department


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