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Police Beat

By Jeff Sklar

Tuesday October 30, 2001

A Tucsonan was arrested on campus Saturday evening after police found him carrying a machete, police reports stated.

Arthur Charles Hysek, 57, of a general delivery address in Phoenix, was taken to Pima County Jail after police found that he was carrying an 18-inch machete under his shirt.

UAPD responded to a call from an assistant band director that a man had been shouting at the band while it was practicing.

The assistant told Hysek to move and the suspect headed westbound, reports stated.

The assistant band director said it appeared that the man had "something hard under his shirt."

Officers went south on Fourth Avenue, and saw Hysek walking toward the Hopi Lodge, 1440 E. Fourth St., reports stated.

When the man saw the officer, he yelled. The officer asked the man to stop, but he continued walking. Officers caught him and told him to keep his arms to his side.

Hysek yelled that his shoulder was broken, so his arm couldn't be bent, reports stated.

When another officer arrived, the two did a pat-down of the man, and asked what was inside his shirt.

Hysek replied, "My nightstick," reports stated.

Police opened his shirt and saw a handle that appeared to be a large knife. It turned out to be an 18-inch long machete, and police told Hysek that it wasn't a nightstick.

"That's what I call it," Hysek said.

Police then told Hysek he was under arrest, and he screamed and swore at officers, reports stated.

Hysek was taken to Pima County Jail and booked.

A Tucson man was arrested for trespassing at a convenience store near campus Saturday after a clerk saw him peeking into car windows.

Mark E. Reed, 45, of the 7400 block of North Shannon Road, was placed under arrest after refusing to leave Circle K, 1610 E. Sixth St.

A clerk at Circle K called police after seeing Reed looking into cars in the store's parking lot that had their windows open, reports stated.

The clerk asked Reed to leave the premises several times, so Reed entered the store and began to bother customers.

The clerk told Reed to leave, but he went outside and sat at a table in front of the store, reports stated.

When the officer arrived, he asked Reed what he was doing there. Reports stated that Reed smelled of intoxicants, and said he was just sitting there wondering why he was bothered.

Police arrested Reed for trespassing and took him to Pima County Jail for booking. The clerk said he would prosecute.

Police responded to a campus residence hall early Sunday morning after a man punched another man, reports stated.

A pledge of the Kappa Sigma fraternity was waiting for a ride on the south side of Cochise Residence Hall, 1018 E. South Campus Dr., when a man the victim suspected was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity approached him.

The suspect mentioned another incident where he beat up another member of Kappa Sigma, and asked, "What are you going to do about it?" The suspect then punched the other man in the face, leaving a quarter-inch long gash on the right side of his lower lip, reports stated.

The suspect left and the victim returned to Kappa Sigma to report the incident. An officer gave him a victim's rights form, and the victim said he was willing to do a composite sketch of the suspect.

A person called UAPD Saturday morning after having their car broken into, reports stated.

Police contacted the victim in the parking lot at 1026 N. Vine Ave. The person reported parking the car there at 10:30 Friday night.

The car was found damaged when the person returned the next morning.

Reports state the front window on the passenger side had been knocked out, and the panel on the dashboard was damaged. It appeared that the suspect had attempted to steal the stereo, but it worked properly.

Police were unable to lift prints from the vehicle.

There are no suspects at this time.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resume can be found at


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