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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano

Wednesday October 31, 2001

A Tucson man was arrested early Saturday morning near campus after driving drunk and lying to police, reports stated.

Officers pulled over Jack Najar, 38, after they saw him make a wide turn at East Speedway Boulevard and North Forgeus Avenue. Najar told officers that he didn't have his driver's license on him and gave police a false name.

Najar, of the 2600 block of North Wilson Avenue, smelled of alcohol and had red and watery eyes. Officers also noticed that he needed to lean on his car to maintain balance, reports stated.

Najar was administered field sobriety tests and admitted to officers that he drank 8 ounces of jungle juice. He was taken to UAPD where he took a Breathalyzer test.

Najar had a blood alcohol content of 0.15. When police asked to see his wallet, they found an ID card with a picture that matched Najar. He told officers that the ID was not his and was used by his friends when they go to bars. Najar later changed his story and identified himself, reports stated.

After performing a background check, police realized that Najar had a warrant issued for his arrest.

He was arrested and taken to Pima County Jail on suspicion of false reporting to an officer, driving under the influence of alcohol, DUI with a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher, not having a driver license, and having a warrant for failing to comply with a bad check writing program, reports stated.

A resident assistant called police Saturday night after she smelled burnt marijuana coming from a room, reports stated.

Officers arrived at the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall, 910 E. Fifth St., and spoke with the resident assistant. Police sniffed around the room and also noticed the odor.

Police knocked on the door and were given permission to enter. Police noticed six beer cans, a bottle of whiskey, and a 2-foot bong, reports stated. The man who answered the door told police he didn't live in the residence hall and was just visiting, reports stated.

Officers awoke the resident of the room and spoke with him. He told officers that he was asleep and didn't know to whom the water pipe and alcohol belonged, reports stated.

When police asked if there was anything else illegal in the room, the resident gave officers a 7.5-gram bag of a green, leafy substance. He denied ownership or knowledge of who owned it.

The police told the men that they were considered suspects and left. Residence Life confiscated the alcohol, reports stated.

A UA employee called police from a campus building Tuesday morning after he noticed a Pepsi machine was broken into, reports stated.

Officers arrived at the McKale Center, 1721 E. Fifth St., and spoke with the employee. He told officers that he saw metal shards on the ground and then noticed that a hole had been drilled into the lock of a Pepsi machine. The metal locking mechanism on the machine had been bent back, reports stated.

An employee from Pepsi arrived at the scene and told officers that all of the dollar bills had been taken, but all of the coins were left. The employee was unable to tell police how much money was taken from the machine.

There are no witnesses or suspects, reports stated.

Police were called to a campus residence hall October 23rd after someone sprayed a fire extinguisher in the hall, reports stated.

Officers arrived at La Paz Residence Hall, 602 N. Highland Ave., and noticed a fire extinguisher had been taken off the wall and sprayed in the building. There was yellow powder sprayed in a resident's room and the common areas of the building. Witnesses told police that an unknown female vandalized the hall.

The resident told officers that he didn't know who sprayed it and that he wasn't in the room when the incident took place.

Officers searched the building and found that a resident's door had also been vandalized. The words "bitch" and "whore" were written in toothpaste and shaving cream on the door, reports stated.

Police told the director of the hall the incidents might be related. The director informed them there was also baby powder spread in one of the halls. Officers informed UA fire safety of the incident.

Residents were cleaning up the mess when officers left.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resume can be found at


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