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Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Jianqing Yang will be missed by all

On Nov. 3, Jianqing Yang and his wife, Yu Yun Chen, were violently taken from us. Those of us who knew Jianqing are still struggling to come to terms with our loss. Your article of Nov. 7 described (Yang) as a student of chemistry but failed to mention his other, equally important role here at the University of Arizona. Jianqing Yang was a TA.

Jianqing was a hard-working, dedicated teaching assistant. "John," as his students knew him, was concerned about their education and did what he thought was necessary to help them learn what they needed. He was quite conscious of the cultural differences that tend to separate foreign TAs from their students, and he worked hard to overcome them. He was also diligent in working on his communication skills to help insure he could effectively communicate with his students.

I have looked through his student evaluations from past semesters. It is clear that his students respected him as an instructor and valued his teaching. I am quite confident that the more than 120 undergraduates who count Jianqing as one of their instructors are better people for their experiences in his classes. I'm sure they also struggle to understand why he is gone.

At the time of his murder, Jianqing was responsible for two sections of organic chemistry lab. In addition to the tragic loss suffered by the slain couple's family, friends and fellow students, 30 undergraduate students have lost a mentor and teacher. He contributed much to our community. We will all miss him.

Steven L. Brown

general chemistry lab supervisor

Don't jump to conclusions about Pi Kappa Alpha

As a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, I am displeased at the way we have been portrayed over the past few days. I understand that questions have come up concerning the events that have taken place, but they should not be grounds to make conclusions about us as a whole. The recent editorial from Friday gave a false portrayal of our organization's ideals, implying that we are criminals. Moreover, it gives the student body grounds for labeling us as "thugs."

I would like to ask you, how many "gangs" raise $16,000 for the needy? To suggest that we are all guilty by association proves that you do not have your facts straight. Let me first reiterate that my brothers and I do not condone or promote gang behavior. Secondly, the events that are under speculation were comprised of pledges, not initiated members of Pike.

The events that have taken place will be dealt with not only by us but as well as authorities. However, I encourage everyone to retain their conclusions until everything has been sorted out.

Michael LaVance

pre-business sophomore

Durrani's logic skewed

(Wildcat columnist Miriam) Durrani wrote in her commentary Friday that she is opposed to the actions taken by the U.S. government concerning the recent Taliban-Afghanistan issue. I was disappointed to see that she was so quick to denounce the actions taken by the United States, but even more upsetting was her reasoning behind it.

I am glad to see that she doesn't support the terrorists and would like them to burn in public, but I ask, how will this justice ever come without conflict? I do not believe the terrorists would be too willing to surrender.

Secondly I agree that the loss of innocent lives in a time of war is a tragedy. Unfortunately, this loss of innocent victims is an appalling result of war, and anyone who says otherwise is ignorant to the reality of war. But this adverse effect must not thwart an attack on terrorism, for how many more innocent lives will be taken by the terrorists if they are not crushed?

What if no attack was made on the Nazis during World War II because of the possible loss of innocent German citizens? How many more Jews would have had to been murdered in concentration camps, and how far would the German conquest go before someone finally said, "Now let's fight"?

I say to attain the desired justice, you must strike while the iron is hot.

Jonathan Van Egmond

pre-business sophomore

UA greek system out of control

(Friday's) editorial regarding two more fraternities sanctioned at the UA was very disturbing. Following recent stories about the Phi Delt pledge who died after binge drinking, and rumors of fights and extreme hazing at other houses is evidence to me of a greek system out of control at the UA.

I am a supporter of a greek system that not only has responsible fun with its members and guests, but also does philanthropic work in the community.

Friday's article indicated that the IFC and the Dean of Students are unable (or just disinterested perhaps) in making this system accountable, which is being done successfully and responsibly at hundreds of campuses around the country.

You could do the students a service by publishing a report card of infractions against houses at the UA, giving prospective rushees important information as they consider rush.

A greek system should be an important contributing factor to campus life. I hope the university will take immediate action to make it so, before additional needless injury or death occurs.

Tucker A. Gustafson Jr.

UA alumnus, Sigma Chi '73


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